Celebrity Big Brother 2018 came to a close tonight and we crowned the first winner of Celebrity Big Brother! If you missed any of tonight’s finale of Celebrity Big Brother, you can get all the details here with my Celebrity Big Brother live recap! If you missed any of the action this season, check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get filled in!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Results The Winner of Celebrity Big Brother is...

We watched as Ross won the F5 HOH and then nominated Ariadna and Omarosa for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. We then watched as the F5 battled it out in the final POV comp of Celebrity Big Brother. The final POV ceremony took place and then we watched as the F5 became the F4. Keep reading to find out what happened next on the Celebrity Big Brother finale!

After the final POV ceremony took place, Ari and Omarosa remained on the block and we watched as Omarosa was evicted live. We then watched as Ross, Marissa, Mark and Ari competed in the Final HOH. The winner of the Final HOH was Marissa and they decided that they were going to take Ross with her to the F2. After a Q&A, the Jury then voted on which of them should win Celebrity Big Brother and the votes were as follows:

  1. Mark – Ross
  2. Ariadna – Marissa
  3. Omarosa – Marissa
  4. James – Marissa
  5. Brandi – Ross
  6. Metta – Ross
  7. Shannon – Marissa
  8. Keshia – Marissa (This vote made it official, Marissa won CBB!)
  9. Chuck –

The winner of Celebrity Big Brother is Marissa J. Winokur! They then reveal who won America’s Favorite Player and the winner of that prize was Ross!

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