We had our first live eviction Friday night on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 and afterards they didn’t go right into the HOH comp. They gave the celebrities some time to react to the eviction. If you missed what happened during the live eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2018, you can get all the details here with my full recap!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Spoilers HOH Results - Round 2

After the HGs had a chance to react to what happened at the live eviction and talk with one another, the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds went down for the HOH competition. When the feeds came back, we knew which side of the house was in power. Keep reading to find out which HG won the HOH competition right here!

When the feeds came back up we found out that the winner of the HOH competition is Ross Matthews! Which means that Shannon ruffling feathers this week shouldn’t have any consequences. Not yet anyways. As we all know, Metta has been very open about his wishes to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house, but Ross seems to have a bigger target in mind.

The obvious targets would be Keshia and Omarosa after this fireworks. Ross has mentioned that he won’t be backdooring his target, so they should both be going up together, if they are in fact his targets. The feeds didn’t come back up until about 3:30am BBT and most of the HGs were in bed already when they came back up. It sounds like the feeds were down so long because Omarosa had to go to the hospital to get checked out after being hit with with a ball during the comp. Looks like it could have been the Bowlerina comp, or something similar to it.

Nominations should be a little later today. I will keep you posted with those Celebrity Big Brother 2018 spoilers when they come!

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