Tonight there was a lot of excitement on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 and if you missed it, you can get all the details with my Celebrity Big Brother live recap right here! Meanwhile, keep reading if you would like to know which HG was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house right here!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Spoilers: Who Was Evicted Tonight? Round 4

Omarosa’s target this round of Celebrity Big Brother was Ross with Marissa as a back up plan in case Ross or Brandi came off the block. However, there was a big twist on the POV that threatened to shake up the house! Did Omarosa’s plan play out for tonight? Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out!

Before the Veto, the HGs were told with twist America voted on for the POV tonight. They are playing for the VIP Veto which allows the POV to be used twice. The winner of the POV this round was Ross! He took himself off the block and Omarosa renom’d Metta. He then chooses not to use it a second time leaving Brandi on the block with Metta.

It was then time for the vote and the votes were:

  • Ross – Metta
  • James – Metta
  • Mark – Metta (that is enough for eviction)
  • Ariadna – Metta
  • Marissa – Metta

With all the votes in, Metta World Peace will be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house!

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