Tonight we will watch as not one, but two HGs walk out of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. One will be evicted because of a shocking twist and the other will be voted out during the live vote and eviction! If you can’t wait to find out which HG leaves the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 house due to the twist, you can find out right here! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother

We started this episode with a look at the HGs after the Veto Ceremony. Tom is a little paranoid about still being on the block, but Lolo is pretty thrilled that there is no chance for them to backdoor her. A little later, Ryan calls everyone to the living room to read a card. The card tells the HGs that there will be Breaking News alerts over the speakers. As soon as one goes off, they all go to the living room, except Anthony. The HGs are told that there is someone in the house that isn’t a real HG.

Anthony comes on the TV and tells them that he wasn’t a real HG but he is part of a big twist. He tells them that he is no longer in the house which means they are all one step closer to the grand prize. He then tells them that the twist is that there is going to be a second POV comp, but first, there is an empty spot on the chopping block so Ryan has to name another nom right now. Ryan nominates Kandi to take Anthony’s spot on the block. Anthony then tells them that the POV comp is about his favorite thing in the world, himself. He tells the HGs that they better have been paying attention.

The Dina and Kato were chosen to join Tom, Jonathan, Kandi, and Ryan in the POV comp. Each of the HGs are put in a room full of headlines with lines that Mooch said while he was there and some that he didn’t. They have to choose which are things he has said and then lock in their answer in the DR. Whoever guesses the right number of true headlines the fastest wins. Kato won this comp with his answer of 8 true headlines.

Kato decides to use the POV to take Tom off the block. Which means that Ryan had to put yet another HG on the block. Ryan decided to put Joey on the block next to Kandi and Jonathan after making up with Lolo and not wanting to set her off again.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here is how the HGs voted:

  • Dina – Kandi
  • Kato – Jonathan
  • Tamar – Jonathan
  • Ricky – Jonathan
  • Tom – Jonathan
  • Lolo – Jonathan
  • Natalie – Jonathan

With 6 votes, Jonathan is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house! It is now time for the HOH Endurance Comp! Head on over to my HOH results post right here to get all the details of tonight’s HOH including who the new HOH is!

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