Tonight we watched as two HGs left the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. The first one left after a shocking twist was revealed to the Celebrity Big Brother HGs and the second was voted out during the live vote and eviction. You can find all the details of tonight’s episode right here or you can keep reading to find out which HGs were evicted tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2019! 

The first eviction of the night happened after Anthony Scaramucci told them all that he wasn’t a real HG in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. He tells them that he is part of a twist. This twist involved a second POV comp, but first Ryan had to nominate someone in Anthony’s place on the block. He chose Kandi to replace Anthony on the block. After the second POV, which Kato won, Tom was saved from eviction and Joey was put up in his place.

With Ryan as the HOH and Jonathan, Joey, and Kandi being the final noms, the remaining HGs then voted to evict one of the nominees. After the live vote, we found out the fate of the nominees. With 6 votes, Jonathan Bennett was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. The first blindside of the season and boy was it a good one!

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