It was Nomination Day inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. There is a target in mind, but what will happen if the Power of Veto is used and they can’t get their target out this of round of Celebrity Big Brother 3? That was talked about also on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 live feeds. Get all you Celebrity Big Brother spoilers right here!

Tuesday morning started off pretty slow with a lot of complaining from Chris Kirkpatrick about how everyone in the house needs to start pulling their weight more when it comes to the housecleaning. Todd literally watched Kirkpatrick and Cynthia clean the entire house while sitting at the table in the kitchen.

There was a conversation between Miesha and Todrick where Todrick mentions that he was going to talk to Kirkpatrick but he seems like he’s in a mood or something. He talks about how Todd told him that Kirkpatrick couldn’t be trusted which has Todrick worried that Kirkpatrick might come after him. Miesha talked about how she wants to get Carson out this week. Todrick says that Carson is still his number one target even though he had just said that Kirkpatrick was. Miesha questions that and he says they are different types of targets. He says that he doesn’t see Kirkpatrick being someone who could win this game, but Carson could.

Chris Kattan later asked Miesha if she knew what her plan was this round. He really doesn’t want to be in the house anymore and is asking because he is hoping that he will go up this week. She tells him that she isn’t putting him up and apologizes to him for it. She says that she isn’t putting him up initially but adds that she will see what happens after the Power of Veto.

Shanna tells Carson that she thinks that her days are numbered in the house. Carson thinks that if he leaves this week that Shanna should try and make an alliance with Miesha and Cynthia. Shanna doesn’t understand why no one is taking a shot at Miesha and says that if they don’t get her out soon, she is just going to pick each of them off one by one.

The feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up we find out that Cynthia and Carson were put on the block. Miesha tells Todrick that she feels bad for having to put them up because she really does like them. Todrick says that he thinks that he is going to get a lot of blame for the nominees this week. Miesha says that she is the one getting the blood on her hands though.

Kirkpatrick tells Shanna that Carson has a good shot at winning the Power of Veto. He adds that if Carson comes off the block, Kattan could end up on the block as a renom.

Cynthia talked to Todrick and tells him that she would really like to stay in the house. She asks Todrick if she needs to campaign or anything and he tells her that he doesn’t think she has anything to worry about.

Later, Kirkpatrick talked to Miesha and tells her that she has to do what she has to do to get Carson out. He tells her that it’s great to have her in the house. He knows that she will always be straight with him. He seems to be telling her things that she wants to hear.

Carson tells Cynthia that if he wins the Power of Veto, he is going to use it on her. He tells her that he thinks that if he doesn’t go, they are just going to keep coming after him. Cynthia tells him that if he wins the Veto and takes himself off, she doesn’t think that she would be the target. Carson and Shanna are convinced that if Carson comes off the block that Shanna would be the target. Cynthia thinks that Kattan would probably go up, but Carson doesn’t think they would get rid of Kattan because he will do anything they want him to.

Shanna asked Cynthia if she would put Miesha and Todrick on the block. Cynthia says that she would definitely put Miesha on the block, but she isn’t sure about Todrick. Shanna says that Miesha doesn’t get to play in the next HOH so this is going to be their only chance to target her. Later, Lamar told Shanna that if he wins the HOH, he would put Todrick and Miesha up. Shanna tells him that Miesha and Todrick are running the show right now. Shanna asked Lamar a little later if they were on the block together, who would he vote out. Lamar told her that he would vote out Miesha because she is the biggest threat in the house.

This makes Shanna believe that they might have Lamar on their side. Carson is worried that Kirkpatrick might be too close to Miesha and mentions that he might not be able to separate himself from her.

Lamar seems to be understanding the game a little more and seems to be getting involved. This could be huge for Carson, Cynthia, Shanna, and Kirkpatrick if Lamar is really willing to take the shot at Miesha. Carson also knows that he is in trouble and is really worried that he might not make it through this eviction. We still have the Power of Veto competition! Stay tuned for spoilers on that when it happens.

Make sure you come back tonight at 8 PM EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Big Brother where we will watch the Head of Household and Nomination Ceremony play out!

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