What an eventful day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house on Wednesday! We had a Power of Veto Competition play out and we had a Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguest self-evict. Keep reading to get all the details from yesterday’s live feeds right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

After the feeds were down for almost six hours during the day, the feeds came back up and the first thing we found out was that Shanna won the Power of Veto competition for round three of Celebrity Big Brother. Shanna talks about how Miesha gave her permission to take Cynthia off the block, but she needs Carson in the house. She talks about how if Cynthia comes down and Todd goes up in her place, she would vote to evict Todd over Carson.

Chris Kirkpatrick told Carson that if Shanna uses the Veto on Carson, he thinks that Miesha will put Todd up in his place. Carson mentions to Kirkpatrick and Shanna that Cynthia should come down, but Shanna and Kirkpatrick disagree. They both agree that Carson has to come down in order to keep him safe this week. They say they can vote Todd out and Carson says he is good with that.

A little later, Cynthia talks to Todrick. Todrick mentions that he was less stressed about this week when Chris Kattan was still in the house. Cynthia says that Kattan is now out of the equation so she wonders who Miesha will put up after the veto is used. Todrick asks if Shanna plans to use it and Cynthia says that she was just assuming that she would, but didn’t think of the possibility of her not using it (trying to cover up the fact that she knows Shanna is going to use it). Todrick doesn’t think that Shanna will use it.

Shanna, Lamar, Cynthia, and Kirkpatrick talked. Before Lamar walked into the room, Cynthia called out Kirkpatrick for playing both sides of the house. He tells her that the line has been drawn and he chooses her (Cynthia) side of the house. When Lamar enters the room, Shanna asks him who he would put up if he wins HOH next round. He tells her he is going to flip it on Miesha and Todrick and target her if he wins. He tells them that he sees Miesha as the biggest physical threat.

Later Miesha and Todrick talk about who they should target this week. They wonder if they can get Shanna to use the Veto on Carson (which she plans to do) and then take a shot at Kirkpatrick this week instead. Miesha had told Todd just before this that Kirkpatrick was making her nervous and she now seems to be questioning what he offers to her game. Todrick and Miesha also realized during this conversation that they have pushed everyone away in the game. They thought they had more people on their side, but have realized that it’s just the two of them.

Kirkpatrick started to get nervous that if Carson comes down, he could go up in his place. Shanna tells him that she really thinks that Miesha would spare him this week and just put Todd up. Kirkpatrick mentions that Shanna could save both of them by not using the veto. Shanna tells Kirkpatrick that she really can’t risk Carson going this round and that she needs him in the game.

Miesha wonders to Todrick if they can get Kirkpatrick to vote Carson out this week if he is sitting next to Todd. She says that she is going to talk to Kirkpatrick and see if he will agree to it. Miesha says that if Kirkpatrick seems hesitant about voting out Carson, she will just put him up instead. Miesha asks Todrick who he would rather see go if Carson and Kirkpatrick are on the block together. He says that he would rather see Carson stay and then he could always target him next round.

Miesha talked to Kirkpatrick later on last night and asks him if he would vote out Carson. He says that he will if that’s what the plan is. He mentions that Todrick has been acting weird towards him and Miesha says that she thinks it’s just a communication issue between the two of them. Kirkpatrick tells Miesha that she has his support. When she asks him again to confirm that he would vote Carson out over Todd, Kirkpatrick dodges the question. Miesha asks Kirkpatrick if Shanna is planning to use the Veto and he tells her that she has been talking about it but then tells her that he isn’t as close to Shanna as Miesha is to Todrick. He also tells her that if she feels the need to put him up, she can. She tells him that would make her sad to do.

Kirkpatrick goes back and talks to Cynthia, Shanna, and Carson about his talk with Miesha and mentions that he thinks that he just blew up his game with her. Later, Cynthia told Carson that she is still worried about Kirkpatrick’s loyalty and tells Carson that Todrick offered to work with her if Carson leaves this round.

Before heading to bed, Todrick tells Miesha that if Kirkpatrick is on the block, he, Lamar, and Todd will all vote him out.

What a day! As far as Kattan leaving the house is concerned, Kattan’s departure from the show will be addressed on Friday night’s show. I don’t know when the Power of Veto Ceremony will happen, but when it does, I will have spoilers for you. Stay tuned!

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