The Power of Veto has played out inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house and we now know who holds the power to save one of the nominees! If you have been keeping up with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, you know who has won the Head of Household and who the nominees for this round are. Keep reading to find out which houseguest won the Power of Veto on Celebrity Big Brother 2022.

As we know, Miesha has won this week’s Head of Household Competition and she has nominated Carson and Cynthia for eviction. We all know that Carson is her target, she has made that clear for the last few days. However, if the Power of Veto fell into the wrong hands and Carson ended up taken off the block, she would have to come up with a new plan.

While we don’t know everyone who competed in this Power of Veto competition at this point, we do know who won!

The Power of Veto Winner for Round 3 of Celebrity Big Brother is:

  • Shanna

With Shanna winning the Power of Veto and her being aligned with Carson and Cynthia, I fully expect her to use it. She knows that Carson is the target and Cynthia knows that if Carson isn’t on the block, she will not be the target. Therefore Shanna using the Veto on Carson won’t cause any rifts in their alliance.

If Carson comes off the block, the plan is for Miesha to then put Kattan on the block and allow him to go home like he has been asking. However, there are some talks about other people being possible renom options. We will see how the next found of days play out and I will have more information if that plan changes!

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