We have officially kicked off round two of Celebrity Big Brother 3! There is a new Head of Household in charge inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 house and they have a target in mind. Now it’s just a matter of putting the plan in motion! Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out who was put on the chopping block and who this week’s target is!

Shortly after Teddi was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, the remaining houseguests went out to the backyard for the next Head of Household Competition. The feeds were down for just over two hours for the HOH Competition and when they came back up, we saw Chris Kirkpatrick wearing the HOH key around his neck.

Over the last few days, we have heard Miesha mention that she thinks Carson is a huge threat to her game. He is a strong social player, which is an area where Miesha lacks, and he has proven that he can win competitions. Miesha and Kirkpatrick were very close last week and most expected that to continue going into this week. However, there seem to be some rifts in that duo and Kirkpatrick doesn’t seem to trust Miesha as much as he did.

We got to listen in on some conversations since the HOH Competition took place. One of those conversations was between Kirkpatrick, Carson, and Cynthia, who has also had her name thrown out there. In this conversation, Kirkpatrick made it a point to let them both know that neither of them is on his radar. So who is he going after?

Round 2 Nominations for CBBUS3 are:

  • Chris Kattan
  • Mirai

In a conversation with Shanna last night, Kirkpatrick talked about wanting to put Mirai and Todrick on the block together. However, he thinks that it’s too early to go after Todrick, so Mirai would be his target. I’m guessing he went with Kattan instead so that he wouldn’t upset some of Todrick’s allies.

Chances are the Power of Veto will take place tomorrow morning. As far as the Veto Ceremony, I’m not sure when that will take place, but when it does, I will have spoilers!

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