Monday night we said goodbye to another Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguest and the remaining houseguests went on to play in the Head of Household Competition for round 5. Read on to find out who will be in power for Round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother 2022 right here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Monday night we watched as Shanna’s alliance turned on her and sent her out of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. After that, Cynthia, Miesha, Todrick, Lamar, and Todd went out to the backyard and competed in the Head of Household for Round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother.

Now that the feeds are back up, we know which houseguest is in power and might have a good idea of who might be in trouble because of it. Let’s start with the Head of Household winner, shall we?

The Head of Household Winner for Round 5 is:

  • Todd

Well, with Todd winning the Head of Household for this round, there were talks of Carson and Cynthia being put on the block. This seems like an obvious choice since Todrick just used the Veto on Todd at Monday night’s eviction so Todd would be less likely to target them. I guess there was a method to the madness.

Do you think that this is a good plan for Todd? Do you think there is any way that Lamar will try and convince Todd that he should put Todrick or Miesha on the block? Let me know in the comments. Make sure you come back Tuesday for my Nomination Ceremony spoilers for confirmation!

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