Last night Celebrity Big Brother 2018 kicked off and after the show aired on the west coast, we were back to live feeds! With that being said, we have some catching up to do with what’s been going on in the house since the Celebrity Big Brother premiere was taped. Judging by what the HGs are saying inside the house, it looks like we are on day eight inside the house. Keep reading to find out everything that has happened in the last 8 days!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap: Round 1 - Wednesday

Last night when the Celebrity Big Brother feeds went live, we watched as most of the HGs were eating dinner. After that we moved into the living room for a friendly game of charades. Throughout the night we got some information that we are all dying to know after last night’s premiere of Celebrity Big Brother 2018. If you don’t want any spoilers, I suggest you don’t read ahead! 

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Shannon and Chuck had a conversation last night about a ceremony, sounds like the Veto Meeting happened already, but at this point we still don’t know if Shannon is still the HOH, who the noms are or who won the POV. According to my channel listing, it looks like Friday is a live show, which means there will be a live eviction.

A little later, the HGs get access to the outside. It’s literally the size of a small patio and it’s enclosed from the rest of the yard which allows for constant building for the competitions. With there only being 18 days to this season and 13 episodes, things are on a bit of a time crunch. James goes outside with Ross as soon as the backyard is available and they are talking about how James can campaign to the other HGs. During this conversation, we also find out that Chuck is on the block with James this first go around. James doesn’t seem to be too worried about eviction this week, but judging by last night’s episode, he probably should be.

During the course of the night, Brandi and a few other HGs have been drinking and with the wine, comes to lack of game play. Brandi announced to the entire group that she heard Chuck and James were planning on going after Shannon when given the chance. Apparently, Brandi heard this from Shannon herself and she pulls Brandi aside later and tells her not to repeat things that she told her in private. Brandi, who is pretty drunk, dismisses Shannon. Shannon camtalks a little later saying she is worried she might be in trouble if her side of the house doesn’t win HOH.

Brandi has been acting pretty obnoxious all night and Keshia and James have a discussion about it later on. They are convinced that she is just doing it because there is a camera on her. I’m pretty sure it’s because she can’t handle alcohol, either way, she is putting a target on her back pretty quick. Later on, Shannon and Ari try to warn Brandi about her behavior, but that goes about as well as you could expect.

The only other thing worth mentioning is Ross going back to Shannon to tell her that James is preparing to rally for votes. He also tells her that she should hear him out if he comes to campaign to her. Also, during this conversation it sounds like Keshia may have gotten the re-cast in her gift bag and overthrew Shannon as the HOH. Ross made it sound like there are two sides of the house and Shannon runs one side and Keshia runs the other.

Some interesting things happened last night on the feeds. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother to find out how we got to where we are. What do you think of CBB so far? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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