More talk of a backdoor plan on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 on yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother live feeds! There has been a lot of talk yesterday and Saturday, but will the group actually be able to execute the plan? Keep reading to get all the details right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 2 - Sunday

There has been a lot of talk about F4 and F2 since Celebrity Big Brother started, but these alliances don’t seem to be lasting very long in this house. There have been a lot of different conversations going on in the Celebrity Big Brother house, so many that I’m not even sure that the HGs can keep track of them at this point. Here are some of the important discussions from yesterday’s feeds.

Yesterday’s feeds started off with a conversation between Ross and James and James tells him that he wants Keshia gone this week. Now, remember that James thinks that he is in a final four with Ross, Marissa and Shannon. Ross tells him that he will go with what the group thinks should happen. Meanwhile, Marissa is having a conversation with Keshia about the flip vote and tells her that Omarosa had no idea they were going to do that.

After these two side conversations happen, Ross and Marissa have a conversation and they discuss keeping Keshia if the noms stay the same this round. I think this is a stupid move, but they seem to think that they can get Keshia to join their alliance if Omarosa is no longer in the house. Ross also gets worried that keeping Keshia might put a target on his back, which is exactly what it’s going to do.

Later, James and Marissa have a conversation about what if Omarosa is evicted and what if she stays. James is worried that if they vote her out right after she comes back from the hospital that it will look bad, but Marissa tells him that she is worried that if Omarosa stays that she will continue to accuse everyone of being racist.

Around lunch time the HGs were told that they should expect to pick POV players soon, which never actually happened yesterday. Marissa talks about if she wins the POV should she use it and Brandi tells her that she should. She assures her that she would have the support of the group. Marissa then tells Keshia about their plan to BD Shannon. Now, I find this hard to believe for a few different reasons. One of them is that Keshia is a dangerous player and has already been targeted, what makes them think she isn’t coming for them if she wins HOH? Also, I keep forgetting, but this is worth mentioning, Marissa and Shannon know each other outside the house and had a F2 deal as soon as they walked in day one.

Throughout the day yesterday the word of a BD plan spread through the house, but Ross really wanted to make sure that the only people who didn’t know about the plan were James and Shannon. For good reason of course. Marissa and Ross have a plan to use the POV to take Keshia down if they win it and Ross had a conversation with Keshia about the plan and told her to gun it for POV. They also agree that if somehow the noms stay the same, they will vote Keshia out even though some of them would rather see Omarosa go. Ross is concerned that if they get Keshia out that he will need help next week getting Omarosa out because she will come after him the first chance she gets. He isn’t wrong.

Even though Ross knows this is the plan he needs to implement, he is still worried that it won’t play out the way he wants it to and he will end up being a target. I think that if he gets Shannon out, the only person that would really be that upset about it would be James, Marissa is clearly closer to Ross that she is with Shannon at this point regardless of the F2 deal she has in place with Shannon. Unless she is playing Ross, which could also be a possibility.

We might get the POV comp before the live eviction tonight, we might not. I have no idea how today is going to play out. If we get any information on the POV comp, I will make sure to pass along any spoilers, otherwise, I will see you all tonight for the POV and live eviction!

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