Yesterday on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds, the HGs started to plan their next round since it is set in stone what’s going to happen tonight on the Live Eviction show. We also found out the results of the POV Ceremony and who the pawn was going to be that went up against their target. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 3 - Thursday

We started yesterday’s feeds with Metta saying he wanted to go to Ariadna and Brandi and tell them that he wants to take Shannon’s place as the target this week. Mark tells him not to feel bad for Shannon because she put herself in this position. I think Metta just really wants to go home still. Keep reading to find out what else happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday!

Later in the morning, Shannon goes to campaign to Ari and Brandi. She mentions that they should target one of the duos in the house like Ross and Marissa or Mark and James. She also mentions Omarosa in this conversation because she has been lying to everyone in the house. Brandi tells Shannon that Omarosa isn’t a threat because she is alone and everyone in the house already knows she lies.

After Ross and Marissa crash the conversation, Ari, Brandi and Marissa are talking about their plans for next round. They are talking about getting James out, but it is still up in the air whether they are going to nominate him or BD him. They all agree that Mark and James need to be broken up next though. Marissa mentions going after Omarosa if James is safe next week.

The conversation then turns to Ari asking Marissa if she has anything with James and Mark and she denies it. Ari then asks if Ross has anything going on with them and she tells her that she won’t speak for Ross. Ari tells Marissa that she thinks Ross is acting weird and then Ross shows up to defend himself. He tells them that Shannon is as bad as Omarosa when it comes to planting seeds.

Brandi mentions that Omarosa is probably going to float a little longer and Ross mentions that she won’t be floating that much longer if James wins HOH. He says that they can use her as a decoy if that happens to keep the target off of one of them. Then the conversation turns to who should be put up next to Shannon this round. Ross mentions Mark, but Ari doesn’t want to use him yet and says they should use Omarosa. The rest of them agree that it should be Mark because the voting would come out as a tie and Ari can vote to evict Shannon to break the tie. Then they realize that Omarosa has been going back and forth with helping Shannon and maybe they should use her so that she will campaign for herself instead of Shannon. Feeds cut moments later for Veto Ceremony.

When the feeds come back, Shannon and James are having a conversation and she is telling him that she isn’t mad at him. She mentions in this conversation that Ross and Marissa are a huge threat and that he should split them up the first chance he gets. Meanwhile, Ross is telling Ari, Brandi and Marissa that Shannon is going to be dropping bombs on them with all the other HGs. We then get confirmation that James used the Veto to take himself down and they went with Mark as a renom.

Later, Ross goes to talk to James to find out who his target is if he wins HOH. He tells Ross that he wants his F4 to be him, Ross, Marissa and Mark. Ross tells him that they should focus on getting Omarosa out and James agrees and adds that she is toxic. The rest of the day is pretty quiet. Shannon seems to have accepted that she is going home this round, but is still isolating herself for the most part. The HGs get bored and start cleaning the house at one point. It’s nice to have clean HGs in the house instead of slobs.

The talks of game are on and off and it seems like everyone is gunning for Omarosa this week and if Omarosa wins HOH, she told Shannon she was going to put up Ross and Marissa. Shannon agrees that is a smart move because the two of them are dangerous. There is an interesting conversation before bed between Metta and Shannon where she is trying to help him understand the game play choices she has made and tries to coach him through the final HOH and how it works. He doesn’t think he will make it there, but she thinks that he can. Hell, I think he can.

Shannon needs a miracle to stay in the house at this point. There has been a lot of speculation inside the house that tonight might be a DE, but it is not. The evictions will have to pick up sooner or later because after tonight there will still be eight HGs in the house and only nine days left of the season. Maybe we will get some more information about that tonight!

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