Last night we watched as Shannon was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house. When Julie revealed the votes, there was a vote to evict Mark and that has caused a bit of a ruckus in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Keep reading to get all the details of last night’s Celebrity Big Brother live feeds!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 4 - Friday

After the live eviction, we went on to the endurance comp for the HOH spot. If you missed who won the HOH this round on Celebrity Big Brother, you can find the results of the HOH comp right here! Make sure you keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers for all the details of last night’s feeds right here!

During last night’s live eviction, there was a rogue vote for Mark. That vote came from Brandi and according to what AriadnaMetta and Ross were talking about during the HOH, she plans on blaming Metta for it. Ari had managed to tell almost every about the rogue vote during the HOH. After the feeds came back from the HOH, Ari voices to Marissa how pissed she is that Brandi did that. She also tells Marissa and Ross that she thinks Brandi should be the one to go, but she is afraid that Brandi might join forces with Omarosa.

Brandi is hanging out with the HGs and she mentions how she isn’t going to kiss up to Omarosa this round. Speaking of Omarosa, she thinks that Metta may have thrown the rogue vote. She also asks James if he had a F4 deal with Ross, Marissa and Mark, but he denies it. He tells her that he has no one in the house and because he just made a deal with her during the HOH, she tells him she wants to talk to him before making her decision on noms.

Meanwhile, Metta, Ross and Mark, who are on slop for two day, are looking into different slop recipes. Ross is making cookies with it and they don’t come out half bad. Some of the HGs are getting a little nervous about Omarosa’s target, she hasn’t said anything to anyone yet. Ross asks Mark if he would have his back if he was put on the block next to Brandi. Ari, Ross and Marissa agree that they have to keep Brandi close to them for now. Brandi is really upset about her vote for Shannon and tries to explain to them that she just wanted Shannon to have a vote.

Everyone is getting a little paranoid in the house when they see Brandi help Omarosa bring her stuff up to her HOH room. Everyone, other than the HOH and James are talking about how they think that James or Mark have to go this round, but Omarosa made a deal with James and I don’t see her going against that. The only mention of her noms last night before going to bed was that she was thinking about putting Ross and Marissa up and using Brandi as a renom if needed.

This could be a fun round of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 having Omarosa in the HOH spot. We will have to wait and see how things play out. Noms should be later today, so stay tuned for those results!

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