Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Celebrity Big Brother house, they picked players on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, the comp played out. Before the comp, the HGs all talked about who they think should be renom’d and evicted this week on Celebrity Big Brother and some of you might be surprised.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 5 - Wednesday

After the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds came back, Mark and James worked on their plan a little more. If you missed the results of the Power of Veto competition for this round, you can find out who won the POV right here! Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday!

The day started off with a chat among the women in the house about Brandi’s actions the night before. Brandi is upset that Marissa didn’t stick up for her, but Marissa tells her she doesn’t know what she means. There is a little chatter about which comp they think they will be playing in for the POV. Some are wondering if it’s Hide and Seek Veto and they all start talking about where they could hide it.

Feeds cut for POV and when they come back six and a half hours later, it sounds like Ariadna won the POV because Mark and James are talking about who they should replace her with on the block. Mark tells James that he is going to renom Marissa when Ari uses the POV on herself and then adds that he isn’t going to tell her until right before the POV ceremony because he doesn’t want to here her cry about it until then.

James then says that Ari staying is good for their game because if she win HOH, she will go after Omarosa instead of one of them. Except he is wrong about that. She has mentioned many times that she seems James as a bigger threat than Omarosa, even this round with all the talk of the group wanting to BD her. James tells Mark that Ross will go after Omarosa, which is true because she wants Ross out. They know that Marissa isn’t going to like being on the block, but Mark says that they have all been pawns already, it’s her turn now.

Mark says that there is no way he is going to change his mind about putting Marissa up, but says he will make it seem like the option of putting Omarosa up is there. The girls are wondering why Mark and James aren’t going after Omarosa, Brandi mentions it’s because they can beat her in a physical comp because of her asthma, but they can’t beat her in a mental comp. Marissa already knows that she is going up against Brandi so that they can guarantee that Brandi goes home and not Omarosa.

They then talk about how Mark is playing for second with James as his ally, he will win the game against Mark in the end. They also talk about how they messed up sending Chuck home first instead of James. Brandi mentions bribing Mark with their votes in the end if he puts Omarosa up instead of Marissa.

Brandi talks with Ross later about if he is going to vote to keep her. He tells her he would love to, but it won’t be enough. He says even if it ends in a tie, they won’t keep Brandi. They then turn the conversation to friendships and Ross tells her he doesn’t want to lose their friendship over this and she tells him that he won’t, but he also won’t get her vote in the end. Brandi tells him that she has always stuck to their deal and now she is kicking herself for it because she knew that he wouldn’t stick to his end of the deal. He tells her that he is a good guy, but it’s hard to be a good guy in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The night continued with the HGs trying to talk Mark into other targets. Brandi wants to suggest Mark BD’s Ross, the others want Omarosa up and gone. Brandi is really upset that Ross isn’t trying to save her because they had a deal since Day 1. Omarosa promises Brandi that she will vote for her to stay if she can find one more vote. Otherwise, Mark will evict Brandi and then Omarosa will be in trouble with Mark and James. Brandi is starting to wonder if it’s even worth talking to Mark, Omarosa tells her to do it. She adds that Brandi should wait until James isn’t in the room though because James is the bitter one.

Things are not looking good for Brandi this round of Celebrity Big Brother. Mark has his target locked in and he doesn’t seem to be budging. If everything goes to his plan, Marissa will be the renom when Ari uses her POV to take herself off the block.

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