Last night on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 we watched as Shannon became the first HOH of this celebrity season. We then found out by Julie Chen that there was a twist in the form of a re-cast. This would allow for whoever got it to overthrow Shannon and take the HOH spot. Tonight we find out if the HOH spot will be taken by one of the other HGs in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap: Episode 2 - Twist and Nominations

I’m going to guess that we will also find out who the HOH is putting up for eviction tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Who do you think will be the first to hit the chopping block on Celebrity Big Brother? Keep refreshing this page to find out that and more! Like why is Chuck getting some green stuff painted on his face?

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 off right where we left off last night. With the HGs sitting in the living room with their jaws on the ground after finding out that Shannon could lose her spot in the HOH! They aren’t told to open the bags yet, they are told to they will get the details soon enough and Julie says goodnight to them.

Shannon and some of the other women are talking and they know they have to send a guy home, but in order for that to happen, they have to stay in charge. Later they talk about if one of the guys get this power, two of them are going up. The men are just catching on to the girls working together.

A little later, they are called back to the living room and Shannon reads from a card and tells them that prior to the nomination ceremony, a logo from the bag will appear on the television and the HG can go into the DR and tell them they want to use the bag. They will not know what is in their bag until the Nomination Ceremony. If they have the power to overthrow the HOH, they will immediately take over as HOH. Once the bag is used, the twist is gone.

Shannon and the other women are freaking out because if one of the men open their bags and have the power to take the HOH, they will put two women up for eviction. The women decide that they have to get into the DR before one of the men. Meanwhile, the men are making final two deals two days into the competition. Shannon and Mark are talking and he tells Shannon that her and James are the biggest threats in the house, which isn’t the smartest move because that could put a target on his back. However, I think that James has rubbed enough people the wrong way in the house for Mark to be safe this week.

Later, Ross tries to get in with the women’s alliance because he knows that they have the numbers, even though he plays dumb with Shannon and pretends he doesn’t realize this. He agrees to play “mole” with the mens. James, Metta and Chuck are all in the gym working out and James tells them that it already feels like a “guy-girl” thing and how he’s annoyed with this. Chuck tells us that he is going to try and be more friendly to the women to make sure he isn’t a target.

This is where Chuck getting green stuff put on his face. The women are doing a spa day and Chuck volunteers to get a facial and Metta gets a fake nail put on. It’s actually pretty funny. Later, James is talking to Mark, Metta and Chuck about how they all have to use their bags to give them a better chance to win the HOH power.

Later, Omarosa is in the HOH talking to Shannon when Keshia comes in. Keshia and Omarosa get into a conversation about Omarosa’s political beliefs and her support for Donald Trump, which then turns into Omarosa telling Keshia that her relationship with Bill Cosby is pretty similar. After this, they leave and the guys start filing in to talk to Shannon. After talking to a few of the guys, Shannon is told that there is a guys alliance and then James comes in and lies to her about the alliance and puts a pretty big target on his back.

Metta comes in and tells Shannon how much he misses his family and really wants to go home and Shannon makes a deal with him. She tells him she will send him home if he doesn’t use his gift bag. Clearly, that’s not what’s going to happen because that’s not a good game move for her. Later Omarosa is talking to Ross about the conversation she had with Keshia. She then goes to Ross and tells him that she hated working for Trump because of what he has been doing to the country and how he can’t stay off of Twitter.

Ross asks her if things are going to be okay and Omarosa tells him “no.” Ross tells her not to tell him that, he adds that everyone knows things aren’t going to be okay in some way, but he really needed her to tell him he was wrong for feeling this way. She tells him that he is not wrong in feeling this way and that she wouldn’t vote for him again if given the chance.

We end the episode off with Ross and the ladies talking about the noms. Shannon wants to put Mark up as a pawn and Metta up and then make it seem like Metta is the target because he wants to go home. They would then backdoor James after the Veto. Shannon goes to tell everyone that no one is planning to use the bag and what her plan is for noms, she leaves out the part about their real target. Keshia then says that they should have an added threat that if someone defies them and opens their bags then Chuck and James will go up because they are the biggest physical threat.

The bag logo comes up on the television and Chuck is standing outside the door and decides to goes in so now the girls all have to go in to force a random draw and give them a better chance to get the recast. The only one that doesn’t ask to use their gift bag is Marissa, she goes in and pretends to tell them, but tells them that the propane tank outside is leaking and someone should go look at it. Chuck and Shannon are now having a conversation about him going rogue. He knows he is a target now if the girls stay in power.

It is now time for the random draw for the bag. The winner of the draw will open their bag before the nomination ceremony. The color is orange. Keshia is the holder of the orange chip and opens her bag which does have the recast power inside it. Keshia is now the HOH and is naming James and Chuck for eviction! She tells them that she nominated them because they are the best in the house and then tells everyone that since the recast has been used, the gift bag twist is over. Metta is not happy about not being on the block, he really wants to go home. From what I heard, he has tried to self evict twice already since entering the house.

Make sure to come back tomorrow night for my live recap of the first POV comp and live eviction!

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