It had to come. Though, I’m sure most of us, (plus you know BB production) hoped and prayed-for a Big Brother 2011 Jeff/Dani F2.

I’m here to tell you, that won’t happen. Even IF Dani wasn’t likely going on the block Monday, and probably going out on Thursday, there’s no way that if, IF the two of them made it to the final HOH, either one of them would take the other. The winner of the final HOH gets to choose who they want to sit next to them before the jury. What would you do? Would you rather sit next to someone who has as good of a chance as you to win- i.e. Dani? Or would you take someone who has done little to nothing in the game-i.e. a Shelly, or even a Jordan?

Also, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to take out your biggest competitor? In this crazy game, you have to play the hand you’re dealt.

Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS today. Or SIGN UP here with us. You can expect Dani to fight like a tiger NOT to go up. She’ll pull out every stop and offer her first born. She knows if she goes up.. She’s going to be spending the next few weeks with Bookie.

Apparently, production has tried to get in Jeff’s ear about NOT putting Dani up, but he’d have to be insane not to take this chance. He knows this, and I can’t see it happening.The HG’s know The Double eviction is coming up. They also understand that before it does, the best strategy is to take out your strongest enemies. Like it or not, that’s the way this game is played, if you want to win.

Dani will pull the “I could’ve put you up and didn’t” card. But Jeff knows the only reason she did not is because at that time, Brendon was her biggest threat. He also knows that he is next if he doesn’t strike first.

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