Things heated up even more last night in Big Brother 2010.

With Rachel back in the house for 24 hours, things went into auto-turmoil! Brendan is AWOL- no one knows exactly where he is, or what happened with Pandora’s Box, but it is doubtful that he and Rachel will get to have any face time.

My theory is that something said “You can choose for Rachel to come back for 24 hrs, or.. X amount of $$” and he chose Rachel, not realizing that he would not see her, but would have to leave, himself, for those hours.

After the mega blowup between Ragan and Rachel in the BY. Superpass Flashback 8/14 6:15 BBT, Ragan and Rachel sat down to (sort of) make amends. When Ragan “apologizes” he mainly just lectures the other person.

Then, FLASHBACK 8/14 11:55 BBT Rachel and Brit had a confrontation where Rachel outed Brit in front of everyone for saying that Brit thought that Enzo was the Sabo.

The Brigade has a major fracture. E/L/H are very suspicious about where Matt’s loyalties lie, and feel that he may have told Ragan about their alliance..

What will happen today? Rachel will  be in the house until 3pm, when Brendan returns. Sign up here for the most explosive LIVE FEEDS we have seen all season!!

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