SPOILER! UPDATE!! POV pics done!
Enzo, Brit, Ragan picked. Only one of the Brigade playing with Hayden.

Well it is A showmance showdown in Big Brother 2010 house.
Rachel winning the HoH means that once again, “Brenchel” is running the house. After andrew’s explosive exit, where he outed the other “secret” couple, feathers flew.
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Rachel, unsurprisingly has nominated Kristin and Hayden, with the intention of evicting Kristin.
I have to at least give Rachel some credit. She apologized to Kristin several times for the harsh words that passes between them after the HOH comp. Kristin on the other hand, had little but excuses to Rachel.
I was disappointed in Kristin’s behaviour. I thought she might have more class than that.
On another note.. Brendan and Rachel “did the deed” last night!!

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