What to do, What to do?

It was a quiet, fun-filled night in the Big Brother 2010 House last night. People flip-flopped back and forth on whom to vote out on Thursday night.

The “Brigade” are going back and forth on rather to put out the biggest threat, or to knock out a do-little floater.

After a week of Kathy being in a virtual “menage a troi”  with Brenchel, apparently, the threesome is over. Kathy is spilling every bean she has to Kristen her new BFF, (including that Rachel is telling everyone that Krayden is a couple, just like Brenchel!-A fact that is ticking Kristen off.) Hayden is downplaying his relationship with Kristin to the brigade. Enzo, in particular, keeps reminding Hayden that Kristin is expendable.  Who will Hayden choose if it comes down to the brigade, or his bed partner??

Oddly enough, Rachel and Britney have become close since Monet left. That is funny, considering how Brit talked about Rachel.

No one really knows what in the heck to do at this point. This is truly anyone’s game right now.

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