Well, today was the last day of open auditions for Big Brother 2011. Welcome to Bigbigbrother and for all you returnee’s I hope you’re getting set for another season of wild and woolly craziness!

Good luck to all of you who auditioned. As a fan since day one, I have to tell you I’ve never, EVER thought of trying out myself. I’m too much of a softy. I hold people to their words, and keep my feelings too close to the surface.

I’d never be able to deal with the nastiness, the double-crosses, the lying. But for all of you who went for it, and know you can dominate.. More power to ya!

It’s now less than two months till the premiere, and CBS has announced that Big Brother 2011 will premiere on July 6th and will continue on it’s usual Wed, Thurs and Sundays.

In the spirit of preparation.. Here is a poll of those HG’s we love to hate.

Vote for your favorite Big Brother 2011  Villain!

I can’t wait to hear from you, so leave your Bigbigbrother comments below and let’s get ready!

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