NOMS IN-  Ragan and Lane are up!  I guess Britney’s tears worked, although she assumed he will try to BD her. Ragan is a mess.

STAY TUNED!!–NOMINATION CEREMONY going on right now!!  Brendan messed up and got his hand spanked by BB- for telling BRit he was putting her up. He had to go back and tell that he was not really sure, yet..

Oh- and another ho-hum Sabo message. “The couple is still in the house, and it is a girl and a guy.” Who cares?

All the HG’s had their little “interview” time with Brendan in the HOH room. Brendan apologized to Brit and Ragan immediately, telling him that his whole ploy was to “act like a dick” to get evicted, thereby saving Rachel. Ragan sort of apologized, too and Britney sort of apologized too, although Ragan mainly lectured, and Britney turned on the waterworks, telling him how she had “always been on their side” and how much he hurt her feelings.  I honestly do not know what he will do-STAY TUNED or Get the FEEDS here- to see what happens. As you know the weekend is the BEST time for the FEEDS- as it is when all the ACTION goes down!

With the half-way mark reached in the house, the traditional “changing of the table” happened today, along with the reveal of America’s Choice for the Have-Nots-Ragan, Britney and Matt. and America chose…..

Eggplants and Escargot!  The HN’s  were NOT thrilled with the choice, as you can imagine.

Vengeance is mine- sayeth Brendan. The mood in the Big Brother 2010 house was VERY mixed last night.

Yep! That’s right, folks, Brendan won HOH, and I could not be happier. If you STILL don’t have the LIVE FEEDS- Man, you better jump on that.. Today will be nominations, and some of the best Feed stuff we will ever see!!

I am relieved that Rachel is gone, and I think it must have been a good spur to Brendan because he was a power-house in the crazy rope competition.

Guess who is not too happy about the results? Come on.. I’ll give you two hints…

Ragan and Britney spent most of the night crying. And I will give Ragan this.  He at least had the good grace to say “I was a douchebag. I went too far, and I feel bad. If you live feeders are watching, I hate me too.”

Britney feels no remorse. She said “Ragan, that’s stupid, only you and I know what we went through this week.”

Yes, what YOU went through. You went through 19 out of every 24 hours trashing two human beings. And now it is going to (hopefully) bite you right in your little azz.

Brendan got his HOH room, and even after all the grandstanding, everyone did go up. Brendan acted like a gentleman to everyone and was very gracious.

Sign up for your FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS! this is going to be one of the craziest weeks we have ever seen. We are barely half-way through, so you can get an awesome deal!!

Hayden and Enzo were quick to jump to Brendan’s side. They spent plenty of time in the HOH room with him last night. Brendan is very suspicious of Lane- thinks he might be sabo. Hayden and Enzo have decided that even though Matt is dead set on getting Brendan out, they don’t think it is a good idea, because he protects them.

The question now is.. How will Matt’s Diamond POV come into play? No matter who goes up, Matt gets to take down either himself or his choice and put up whoever he wants. I am afraid that Kathy will get used this week, no matter who goes up and no matter who wins POV, but who knows. Plus, how are the other members of “The Brigade” going to feel about him when they find out he has this power and hid it from them.

What should Matt do?

And what was that comment that Julie made to Rachel about “You may not have seen the last of the BB house.”??

What do you think that means??

I have no comment for these pics. Supply your own.

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