The big confrontation finally occurred last night in the Big Brother 2010 house. We all knew it was coming, as tempers simmered all day yesterday and Monday.

Last night, in the BY hammock, Rachel went to Ragan (Britney, of course was right there as well). She had been trying to talk to him for days to find out what had happened between them.

Ragan basically called her out for every bad act that had happened in the house from Day one. Sign up for your FREE TRIAL of the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS and go to Flashback 8/10 @ 10:20 BBT. The rest of the week is bound to be very volatile, and you know it will not all be on CBS, so to witness it for yourself.. Sign up!!

This part ended with Rachel crying and walking away to the DR.

Brendan then stepped in, confronting Ragan on why he was Rachel’s BFF, and now he wont even talk to her. It ended with Brendan saying F you to Ragan, Brit calling him a neanderthal and mocking his walk. Bren told Brit that she was a three foot nothing and that her boyfriend was screwing everyone while she was gone.

Man! IT got ugly! But..  To be fair, Rachel did try to apologize, but it was too little too late for Ragan, when Rachel refused to understand her part in many of the past confrontations.

Later, Britney cried, and everyone consoled her. Rachel cried, and Brendan consoled her. Rachel stated:”Britney is so pretty on the outside and so ugly on the inside.” Bren:”Except for the lazy eye.”  The first time that has been mentioned.

I will also say that Brit and Ragan were being pretty hypocritical, when they told Rachel that no one else in the house but she and Brendan talk about people nastily. Yeah, right..  Here, he makes fun of Rachel crying.

All in all, a pretty cool LIVE FEED last night, and you can watch it all for yourself on FLASHBACK.

I am having a very difficult time finding a hero among this group of nasty people. Ibelieve, that by process of elimination, and by choosing the lesser of two (or nine) evils, that for right now, I have to choose Matt. Matt rarely participates in the horrid personal attacks. He has won two HOH’s and is also a fairly shrewd game player. What do you guys think? Can you choose anyone at this point??

BTW- WHEN is Ragan going to do any SABO moves?  Has he given it up? I worry that he is too timid for the job.

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