UPDATED- First look at Pic of Luxury comp with Adam’s love, 90210’s own, Tori Spelling

SAT MORNING- Nothing to report in the house last night. All the little hamsters are calm and tucked away in bed.

OK- No surprises.. Kalia and Porshe’s pitches didn’t stick, they are up in Week 9 Big Brother 2011.

Who's happy Porshe FINALLY has something else to wear besides that dang pink velour thing?

All the HG’s are pretty sure they’ll be meeting up with the incredible OTEV tomorrow.

Check out the LIVE FEEDS tonight and tomorrow! It’s 3-2 playing for VETO, but Jordan’s only been so-so, and Adam’s been plain old pitiful in comps, so….

Unless something monumental happens tonight, we’ll post again after tomorrow’s VETO, so STAY TUNED for this all-important comp!


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