Yay! We FINALLY get to take a look inside the Big Brother 2011 House.

As you already know, select members of the Media were given a tour of the BB13 House yesterday.

Check out Bigbigbrother’s  SNEAK PEEK of the re-decorated, Venice Beach/Scary Carnival-themed Big Brother House!

Bright Reds and Yellows are the main decor. and What's up with the Bikes and the red fire alarm on the left?

Butcher-Block Countertops and a larger window are the main changes in the BB Kitchen


According the the Picture wall, looks like there'll be 14 HG's again this year. And notice the benches, instead of chairs.

The most interesting--and downright weird--room. The lounge. What the *bleep's* up with the fortune-teller on the left? And hi.. Creepy Skeleton Pic?

cool, muted colors, LOTS of cameras and (naturally) tiny shower doors dominate the BB bathroom

Ripped up metal walls line this bedroom

Check out the ice-cream stand and the lollypop-flavor bedspreads

The infamous bathtub in the HOH bathroom remains.

OOO! A Round bed for the HOH room. Wonder if it'll see any action this season?




So.. what do you think? What does it tell us about the “Twist” of the new season? I’m especially interested in that bizarre painting of a raking skeleton on the wall in the lounge.

More pics coming throughout the day, so enjoy the first pieces of the puzzle and STAY TUNED!

From what we gather, we will meet our new Houseguests tomorrow, Wed, June 29th. Until then, work those massive brains of yours, and let’s hear what you think about the new house and what it might mean??

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(special thanks to Yahoo TV for the photos.)

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