Are you ready to get dirty? To get a little Big Brother 14 mud on your hands?

Ok then- here we go– Here’s the first Spoiler Post of the Season– the first time we learn what’s REALLY been happening in the house.

First–the logistics–Apparently, the Mentors are NOT sleeping with the rest of the House, but have their own suite off the HOH room.

When the LIVE FEEDS came up- Once things settled out– we started out with Boogie in the HOH room with our first BB14 HOH Willie, pleading for his man, Frank’s life.

Yep- Seems like Frank and Kara are nominated. 

Jojo is the POV Host in the POV competition tomorrow.

There is a definite division in the house- with Janelle and Brit against Boogie and Dan, and they are working to get their respective team members on board.



Willie is friends with Frank, and doesn’t want to see him go. But Britney is aggravated with him, and wants Frank gone- to put a dent in Boogie’s game. They don’t find Dan or his group much of a threat at this time, and they have a point. Dan, with only Danielle and Kara left, doesn’t have much oomph behind him, especially after the agonizing decision to cut Jodi loose on premiere night.


There was a bit of DRAMA tonight, when the girls (minus Kara and Danielle) had a girl’s drinking night- and Wil went all diva-pissed because Jojo (who Janelle and Brit call “abrasive”) drank some of his booze. Ashley has hurt her back- and is looped out (oh, it’s something to see, man) on pain-killers.

All the housguests are astonished that Ian is “acting like a normal human being” now that the feeds are on. Up in the HOH a bit ago- Boogie and Willie asked him if he was ‘intimidated’ by them? He said he was.. a bit..

So this is where we stand at the moment.. STAY TUNED for LOTS more Big Brother 14 news and updates.

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