Game on!  We have had our first big house meeting and Big Brother 2010 House meeting confrontation!

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Rachel’s nominations have caused big time drama in the house last night, as things came to light.

Rachel and Brendan are all about “getting thing out into the open”.

With Britney’s revelation to Rachel last night, that Matt acted like he was mad at being put up, Rachel decided to call the first big house meeting to confront Matt.

Big house confrontation

Rachel and Brendan asked Matt if it was true that he was telling the house that he was angry at Brenchel for putting him up. Matt defended himself by saying he felt bullied to vote how they wanted him to, so he volunteered instead to go up.

Britney tried to back off from the things she was saying to Rachel. Rachel kept trying to get her to reiterate the things she told them.

Matt continually defended himself, Rachel accused, and it went around in circles.

No one but Matt, Britney, and BRenchel said a word. Brendan got angry and called Matt “Ronnie” several times, accusing him of playing both sides of the house.

Afterward. Britney completely backpedaled to Matt, saying that she was the one who got dragged into all of this. (lie)

Rachel told Kristen and Kathy that Matt was the one who said that Kristin was going to change her vote.

Matt went up to HOH later to talk to Rachel (only) and told her that it was not personal, but that of course, he was after Brenchel, because they were a power couple and that everyone would be after them. (duh)

Matt explains himself

Later- the HG’s settled down, and Kristin and Matt both got tipsy..

My evaluation of this, is that yes, Matt was playing both sides, he got caught, he acquitted himself pretty well, and most of this was caused by Britney’s exaggerations.

YAYAYAYAY! And the drama continues……

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