UPDATE: May have spoken too soon.  At 5:41 BBT- screen JUST went to Trivia. will let you know when we get some results.

UPDATE: 5:30 BBT- Still no word on POV. They still hear building outside, so there will either be a night comp, or it is some type of luxury comp, with the POV played live on Wednesday. I don’t see how they will have time to do the comp, ceremony  and eviction in one show, especially since the final POV comp is traditionally a long and elaborate one, but… all we can do is wait…  bummer, huh???

UPDATE: Still no confirmation on the POV. The HG’s think it will be today. The HG’s are on indoor LD and there is building going on in the backyard. That is all we know at this time..  1:15 BBT.

Could Britney  BE any whinier. She haaaaates that she has her back against the wall, she haaaaates his game, she haaaaates everyone in this house.  waaah, waah, waah. That is because her tears have gotten her her way so far( e.g. Brendan…) Now, however, only winning will save either her or Enzo.  Enzo is pacing like a caged tiger…

UPDATE!!  Hang on everyone! I think we might have been right in the first place about the Veto being today!  We are trying to verify.. Hang in there and I will let you know!

UPDATE:  Sorry guys.. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention! The POV comp will NOT be today. It will happen LIVE on the Wednesday show.  I will post from time to time, and we can talk about possible scenarios. There will be a lot of wheeling and dealing the next few days, but not much else to talk about until the POV… Sorry!

Wowzers!  Well, faithful followers.. Here it is! The most Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Big Brother 2010 comp of the year! The one we all wait for…(and yes, I know that many of us are not super-excited about the four left) but hey..  You play with the hand you are dealt..

Hayden made his nominations last night, and again, as expected (I have said that a lot this year I know.. this has not really been a year of big surprises), Lane and Britney are nominated.

However, nominations mean very little this week. Everything…. absolutely everything, rides on this POV.

Whoever wins this POV today, will have the most power we have seen in the game all season.

Not only will the winner be in the Final Four, but he/she will also decide who else is in the F3. That is big, because this is where you decide not necessarily who you want beside you at a possible F2, but who you DONT want beside you. The POV winner alone, votes to evict.

This POV comp is typically a combination of skill and questions. HEre are a couple of pics from BB10 and BB11- Those were  grueling, and mind-boggling comps.. Can’t wait to see what happens today!!

Final POV BB10

Final POV BB11

There was little to no game talk last night as all the HG’s know that everything rides on this POV.

Gonna say it once more..  Sign up here, if you want to witness the final endurance comp, when the F3 battle it out!

$9.99 plus $10.00 of FREE MP3 downloads!! You can’t get two latte’s at Starbucks for that!

STAY TUNED for the POV results, I will let you know when they go to trivia, and when we hear the results!

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