Hey ya’ll.

We waited and waited for BIG BROTHER 2010.  We waited as patiently as a five year old in line for the Ice Cream Man.  We squirmed, and we sighed, and tried to act like we didn’t mind waiting.

Well.. guess what?? You can let your five year old self loose now!!  Get excited,  Spin in circles and Jump up and down, because…FINALLY…HERE THEY ARE!

They have not introduced the fourteenth HG, the SABOTEUR…  We will meet him on JULY 8th at 9 Eastern, 8 Central on CBS.

NEW UPDATE!! There will only be thirteen in the house. So, one of these people will be our “Havoc Wreaker”!

Gotta say.. I’m a tiny bit sad that it is all beauty and brawn.. Hopefully they will have some  brains to go along with all that eye candy..

Thanks to the CBS Website, we have their pics, and links to bios.

I will be updating this site as more and more information becomes available.   STAY WITH US! IT is going to be a WILD RIDE!

Let’s hear your guesses??? I think it is odd that Hayden is the only one who, in his bio, was not asked the question, “What is your strategy?”  Hmmm.
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CBS has released a walk through of the new Big Brother house:

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