Could we BE any more excited to finally meet our new Big Brother 14 besties (and worsties)? No we could not!

Roll up your sleeves, my dahlings, {oh– and I’d put on the rubber gloves, too} Cause we’re fixing to get real dirty, digging DEEP into what makes these BB14 HG’s tick.!!

WOOT! (ooo–did you feel that? That last shiver of anticipation before the curtain parts?)

Before I give it up.. I just want to say that if you’ve a previous devotee,  you KNOW we don’t pull any punches. We’re not one of those namby-pamby websites that just tell you the boring old facts. “She did this and he said that.”

Aw.. HELL no…

Here at BBB, we  twist those people six ways to Sunday, trying to figure them out. And if you sign up with us for the LIVE FEEDS we can keep doing it for a long time. Only your continued patronage– purchasing your FEEDS through us–keeps this site alive. **And just between us, it’s a hard–though very beloved–job.** And hey– Thank you so much for spending your Big Brother 14 time with us!!  Cause we just love the HECK out of spending time with you!!

Ok, enough prattling on… You Ready? Cause this season of Big Brother 14 starts RIGHT HERE—RIGHT NOW!!

Lights, Camera, Action…..

HOLY FRICKIN BEANS, it’s a Hantz!!

That’s right ya’ll— the BROTHER of Russel Hantz— the most infamous Survivor player of all time– is now in the Big Brother house!!!  And from what we’ve heard on the interview so far.. Like brother, like brother. His Strategy? “Make as many people hate each other as possible.” wow. This season is gonna ROCK!!!!

How do you top that?? Weeellll.. let’s see…Hmm– How about This???

Returning HouseGuest 1

In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game — for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere on Thursday, July 12th at 9/8c! You won’t want to miss it!

Let’s talk more about this twist later. We’re gonna get into it, and we welcome your theories and thoughts on it. But for me– I am more excited about meeting the NEW HG’s!


Is not going to tell the others she was once a PLAYBOY Playmate of the Year.


Plans to “float” for a while first.

Hasn’t decided if he’s going to be a villain or a hero- but won’t be “too much” of a villain, in any case.

Plans to have a “Snow White” alliance. A hero that has 7 other “dwarfs” following her.

Sounds kinda “floaty”

The Mom of the Group?

“I want America to love me. The girls to want to be with me and the guys to want to BE me.”

Not afraid to use intimidation and her appearance.

Wants to set up a “dream team” a la vintage Lakers

Wants to “make big moves”



did not have a SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS INTERVIEW but he’s 41 yr old Chef (that’s might help him out) from Lexington KY.

OK Gang– There they are.. Your twelve new players.. Let  me have it.. What do you think?  We’ll dig deeper as the days go on- but HAD to give you a taste.. If you want to see more for yourself, you know what ya gotta do.   To see the interviews- you just gotta CLICK HERE for the Live Feeds.

And come one… admit it. You’re tempted, aren’t you ? You know you want them.. How can you not when for less than 10 bucks for a MONTH you get non-stop, UN-edited 24/7 LIVE access to the Big Brother 14 house. Of all your BB-fan friends, YOU’ll know the true story of what the network won’t show you, AND (best of all)  YOU’ll know the outcome of the comps before anyone else!

It’s glorious!

More later!

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