We are down to the nitty gritty now,

UPDATE: Got a lot of people talking about America’s Choice. Just for the record. Britney and Brendan are dead even on competitions.
Brit: 3 POV-1 HOH
Brendan: 3 POV – 1 HOH.

The first part of the HOH is over, and while we do not yet know how long they hung in, we do know that…

Is once again our HOH winner.. That leaves Enzo and Lane to play off in the second part tonight LIVE.

All we can do now is see which of the two remaining Brigade members can pull enough brain power to win the second part. That ought to be interesting… Dur…

Since Hayden is likely to win the final HOH- Who do you think he should take with him? I am leaning towards Enzo. He is a little tough to take at times, but I like his utter loyalty to the others, whereas Lane blew with the wind, and was wishy-washy. I think Enzo will be genuinely happy to see either of the other two win, especially Hayden. Lane is 100% for Lane. Besides, there are some things in Lane’s past which have come to light that make me a little uncomfortable. In any case, at this point, all we can do is wait and watch..

I am looking forward to seeing the Jury House! Can’t wait to see Ragan’s reaction to his hero, Matt’s revelation..

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After viewing Joker’s Updates popularity poll, we see that it is a close race between Britney and Brendan for AC. Well, let’s look at that. Yes, Brit got to final 4, and on the surface, if you only watch the CBS show, when she pretty’s up, she looks pretty good. But if we vote her AC, what kind of message are we sending to all the teenage girls out there? That it’s okay to be a mean girl? That is is fine to trash people behind their backs? I just cannot support that. I will vote for Brendan. Yep. I just claimed that. He is not the ideal choice, but good Lord, he is a better choice than Britney. What kind of person spends hours talking about another woman’s private parts? I can’t do it. Just can’t. What will you do?

The other big news is America’s Choice..

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