Hey ya’ll,

The Houseguests have entered the Big Brother 2010 House and are getting to know each other as we speak.. (or read..rather)

Who got your attention? Who could you do without?

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I want to give you my Pre-Impressions. We can talk about First impressions after premiere night. I am posting special Houseguest Question Interviews for you.  I will also give you my Pre-Impressions on each one, but Please, please, don’t hold me to anything. We all know it takes a little while to get inside the heads of these crazy kids…

Ragan- Right off the bat, reminds me a bit of (gasp) Ronnie.. Claims to be a gamer, has a Phd. Let’s just hope he has the sense God gave a goose, which is more than Ronnie had.

Monet: Seems like an athlete, claims she likes competition. Seems pretty sweet, maybe too sweet?

Matt: This one has some promise- Claims his BFF would have been Jeff, and wants to play like Dan. Hmm..is he our saboteur? too obvious?

Rachel: She claims to be a “Chemist” but is also a cocktail waitress. Those two seem a little far apart to me. She also seems pretty hung up on the way she looks. If she says “big boobs” one more time…

Lane: The first thing that came to mind when I watched him is..Dull.. He’s cute, but is there anything upstairs?

Kristen: Is she the female Lane? I was not impressed.

Kathy: She is interesting to me. A deputy sheriff, and worked as a criminal profiler? Of course we are talking about a fairly small town, not the FBI, but still..She is an Arkansas girl, my home state!

Hayden: He says he has no job, and is in it strictly for the money. I wonder if there is going to be a maturity issue here?

Enzo: Funny or obnoxious? too soon to tell.

Brendan: Another PhD?? Here is an athletic brainy guy. Could be a candidate for saboteur?

Annie: She says she is a BB fan. She seems to me to be one that will either go the distance, or be the first one out.

Britney: Also claims to be long-time fan. Even though she is also my home-state girl, I have to say, I’m predicting she really is in it for the fame.. Can you say modelling contract?

Andrew: The first Orthodox Jewish player. He will not compete on the Sabbath, which I respect, but will his alliance?

Share your opinions and Pre-Impressions below..
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