I told you it was coming.  The Big Brother 2011 Vet alliance is fracturing.  The motto of this game is.. Expect the unexpected.. It you didn’t believe it before.. Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS, watch them for three days on the FREE TRIAL and I can assure you.. You’ll believe it.

So.. Dom won the POV. and he plans to tell Jeff and Jordan they can stick their deal up their collective butts.

During the competition, Rachel mouthed off to Jordan. It pissed Jeff off and the two of them had a heated exchange. When feeds returned, Brendon was furious at Rachel for–once again–running her mouth, and against her own team. Upstairs in HOH, Jeff was pissed.  Apparently, Rachel took two weeks of slop–simply to prove she was a better competitor than Jordan, according to Jeff.

Later, apologies were made all around, and all the Big Brother 2011 Vets are friends again. How long that lasts….no one knows.. But Rachel is getting to Jeff, especially.

JeJo were the big losers in this comp, since they know that Dom is coming after them. Dani and Rachel both want Cassi out, and now Jeff/Jordan don’t have a lot of choices, since Kalia is playing with them-and they’d probably lose her if she and Lawon went up.

The biggest winner in this was Dani.  Basically, Dani got exactly what she wanted, since she and Dom are secretly playing together. Dani’s been playing all sides beautifully up to now.  But if Rachel and Jordan start comparing notes, or if Shelly gets wind of what Dani’s telling the other side, things could get hot for her. Check out the times on the images below, as she floated from one group to the other.


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