FINALLY!! We all knew it was going to happen. The tension has been mounting in the Big Brother 14 house for the last few days. And last night at FLASHBACK 9:30 BBT that pressure popped like a big old juicy zit.

It all began with Brit telling the volatile Willie about Janelle’s theory– that the coaches may come back into the game. Willie then proceeded to call a “Newbie House Meeting” up in the HOH to tell the rest of the gang the ‘big secret’ and ‘not to trust their coaches any more.’

Now, Willie’s  over-playing. A classic first HOH Big Brother mistake. The power is slipping away and after such a long time on the throne, it’s hard to give up. But the “news” that the coaches could return (and btw– I do NOT believe this to be true, it’s just a theory Janelle posited to Brit) stirred the Noobs to a frenzy.

The funny part is that once the meeting agenda got back to the coaches, Janelle acted as if she had no idea where such a theory could have possibly come from–thereby leaving Brit to hang out in the now-rushing wind.

All day, things simmered on the back-burner, while the HG’s whispered and wondered if it was true, and if it would affect their game. THEN, BB threw yet ANOTHER kink in the mix…calling Willie to the HOH and telling the other HG’s they couldn’t enter. After a while, Willie came out with his Big Brother 14 bag–and told the gathered HG’s he ‘Couldn’t talk about it.’ He then proceeded to walk through the gaping group to the DR. Back and forth he went, two or three times, between the DR and HOH, while the rest of the group FREAKED out, wondering if some kind of new, heinous power was being unleashed.

Psst– it was just Willie’s HOH blog time, but the ragin’ Cajun’ played it out for all he was worth, making the others believe he might have some special power or knowledge.

Later in the the evening, Frank told some of the group that Willie was ‘mocking’ Wil. It got around that he’d made a derogatory and somewhat homophobic reference toward Wil. When Brit told Willie this—wooooooooooooosh.. (Did you hear that gust? That 80 mph wind?)

Though Britney counseled Willie to keep his cool…no matter how many bags of sand you throw up, you can’t stop a hurricane. You can only huddle in and hope it blows by you.

Willie confronted Frank in the BY and it was a DOOZY! Willie couldn’t understand why Frank, a guy he’s worked all week to SAVE, would trash him at this point. Frank’s rebuttal was that Willie wanted the votes to be close–to cause drama. BOOGIE got involved and stepped in to defend his guy. WOOT! First AWESOME Drama of the season on the FEEDS!

IT’s just gonna get better from here, folks.. Now that the confrontation-cherry’s been breached.. HAVE YOU ENTERED OUR BIG BROTHER CONTEST?  It ends Friday– so SIGN UP HERE !!!!!

The interesting thing about ALL this– is that it was JANELLE who started the ‘entering the game’ rumor and JANELLE who wanted the votes to be close for ‘TV Drama.’ And yet– Britney hasn’t thought to blame her. The smart thing would be to track the rumor back to its source.. Yet somehow, no one’s thought to do that, since Janelle covered her tracks so well.

When it was all said and done, the crafty Dan capitalized on the drama, sending Danielle and Kara up to the HOH to lick the injured Willie’s wounds. There, Kara and Danielle cut a deal, whereby Willie will now back Kara to stay..

STAY TUNED, folks! Hi–it’s only week ONE and it is JUST starting to get good!!


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