Last night in the Big Brother 14 House, it was a LIVE FEED VIEWER’S dream!

UPDATE!!!  VETO PICKS! Frank, Boogie Shane– and Jenn, Ian and Ashley. Both noms got HG’s choice. Frank picked Ian. So you can BET Ian won’t win it. It’s gonna be a 2-1 battle…


A slam-bam, in-yo-face, knockdown slap-fest between the no-longer-Silent Six! WOOT! But the interesting part about it was that it wasn’t Frank/Boogie doing the scurrying. It was the rest of the “alliance.”

After the conversation between Boogie, Frank and Shane–immediately following the nominations–Shane revealed to Brit that he confessed to Froogie that he didn’t really want to put them up. He only did it cause “Brit got in his head.”

Brit went balls-out ballistic, and was furious w/Shane all night for throwing her under the bus…Knowing that no matter what happens today, ONE of the twosome will stay in the house. And she knows it won’t be Shane they will go after.

Then Brit went down and basically threw Dan under the bus to Frank and Boogie. (FLASHBACK 8pm BBT) And round and round it went. If Froogie accomplished nothing else last night, the one thing they did was send a frisson of mistrust into the group.

Now, this might not be the most popular belief, and Frankly-lol…I don’t care…But the way I see it, is ONLY Boogie and Frank stayed true to their alliance when no one else did. When Frank was HOH, did they do what they said they’d do and put up Joe and Wil, even with Frank having the power to BD Dan?? Yep. I mean, you can “discuss” alternatives all day long, but did Frank follow through, or stay true? Of the six of them, who are the only ones to stay true to their word???

So, who are the liars here? Boogie called for an open forum between Brit, Dan, Shane himself and Frank. (FLASHBACK 1124pm BBT) And though Dan pulled his ninja-evasive tactics,  they know who’s the puppet master of that group. Dan was squirming more than a three year old with a full bladder. It’s such a disappointment. I say, stand up and quit the shim-shamming. Claim what you did. But oh, he won’t, cause as he’s said a million time….Dan  never lies. Yuhokay.

The ONE person out of the firing-line?? At least for now??? IAN. His name didn’t come up ONCE in all the confrontations, and yet, HE’s the spy. For how long?? My prediction is….a few minutes. Later, after it was mostly over, Dan ruminated w/Brit on the fact that Ian’s sitting pretty in all this, while they take all the heat. And how that state may not last long for the little fella…

So–ON TO POV again. A POV which is once again…EVERYTHING this week! I will be glued to my LIVE FEEDS to see how the house act leading up to and afterward. STAY TUNED for our POST-POV-POST. (heh, try saying that three times in a row.)





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