It had to happen. I’d been so impressed with the fact that this Big Brother 2011 Season has been game-centric, with very little personal ugly mean-girl bs. When you compare this season with the last one, there’s no contest.  Last season’s ridiculous nastiness had very little to do with the game, and everything to do with seventh-grade personal attacks.

This season has been very different so far. I think we were all relieved to watch HG’s actually playing the game.

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But it’s been coming on.. Once Porshe and Dani hooked up as the new BFF’s of the house, it was only a matter of time. Yesterday, while most of the other HG’s spent time relaxing, having fun, (and being skeeved out about Lawon’s bizarre behaviour–acting as if he had no idea he was going up as a replacement, while everyone knew he knew.. Academy Award time)–Dani and Porshe languished up in Kalia’s HOH room acting like a couple of Jr High School snot-nosed brats.

They had nasty things to say about every other HG. First, Dani commented on how rude Jeff was for cooking for only himself and Jordan. “Isn’t that rude?” she sneered. This, of course, at the exact same time that Jeff was downstairs cooking for Shelly, Jordan and Rachel.

They talked about how much Jordan was “annoying everyone.” They talked about how “ugly” Shelly was, with Porshe helpfully demonstrating. They even talked trash about their partners Kalia and Lawon. Shame, “ladies” Shame..

Shelly, Jordan and Kalia are all beautiful- when compared to what the two of you showed us yesterday.. You’ve heard the cliche, “Beauty is only skin deep,” right? That has never been more true than in the Big Brother 2011 house..

Rachel had been left out of the loop of what’s really going on with the whole “let’s keep Rachel scheme,” that Shelly hatched. But stay close to your FEEDS tomorrow, when Kalia begins wheeling and dealing with Rachel. What will Rachel promise to stay in the house? And if you haven’t signed up for your FREE TRIAL– better get on that to watch the crazy drama getting ready to unfold when Thursday’s TWIST is revealed!!


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