The deed was done yesterday and Brendon’s on the block against Shelly in week 6 of the Big Brother 2011 House.  Now, it’s all about the votes.

It’s nerve-wracking right now, cause nothing is certain.  If you have the feeds- Flashback to 9:40pm BBT last night to witness Jeff and Jordan with Shelly, confirming that they’re with her, and making plans on how they are NOT going to babysit Rachel next week. As Jeff put it: “There will be no Dr. Phil. No Oprah in this house.”

Jeff and Jordan still make me nervous, going back and forth on which would be better for their game.. Keeping Brendon does divert some of the target off Jeff, but they don’t know–yet–know how hard Brenchel threw them under the bus to Dani. Jeff had a late-night conversation with Adam, going over the pros and cons of keeping Brendon. Jeff’s worry is that Shelly will not help them in winning comps, and also, all of a sudden Shelly and Daniele are chummy.  Adam will not bend, though, and I think Jeff will soon realize it’s a stupid mistake to keep Brenchel together.

I so hope… No, I KNOW that Dani will soon set his mind at ease.   She’s already told JeJo that the three of them need to talk. So stay close to your LIVE FEEDS today and tomorrow. When Dani spills the beans on how Brenchel offered her a F3 deal, and basically begged her to put up Jeff, it ought to be goooooddd..

Adam has already confirmed his vote for Shelly to stay, Kalia will “obviously” vote how her guru tells her to. Rachel.. umm, yeah, right.. so that leaves Porshe. She has been so deep up Daniele’s butt, I’m surprised Dani can sit. I don’t see her going out on a limb again.

In case….in case for some strange reason JeJo changes their mind and decides to go with Brendon to stay, that leaves the votes as a likely 3-3, in which case, Dani would have to break the tie. She doesn’t want to have to do that, so I feel like she’ll do whatever it takes to make certain JeJo is on board.

Though–if you FLASHBACK to 1:40am BBT, on the Big Brother 2011 LIVE FEEDS, you’ll see Dani tell Brenchel they have JeJo’s vote and she’s gonna work on Porshe for them.  I think she’s either A) Messing with them, or B) Trying to foist the blame back on JeJo, so that Rachel will be angry at them next week, for changing their votes.  Probably a bit of both..

Dani tells Brenchel they're safe

Funny moments last night, FLASHBACK 10:10pm BBT, as Brenchel took a dare from the rest of the house, and each ate a spoonful of dry, powdered cinnamon.  The looks on their faces as they coughed out brown clouds of scented powder was priceless. Kids, don’t try this at home, it’s horrible.  Though it may have come in handy later, as the two–in the bigger bed that Porshe gave up–canoodled under the covers.. Check out the picture where Rachel’s head disappears under the cover…”I’m just sayin’.”

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