Well here we are, Big Brother 14 Fans… This is it.. ONE MORE DAY till our lives are forever altered. One more day until the people in the Big Brother House become a HUGE part of our daily lives; their names forever entered into our Big Brother vocabulary.

Last day until premiere also means it’s your last opportunity to get the Early Bird sale price for your Live Feeds. Starting tonight that price jumps back up to the regular, higher price so get yours now and save some cash.

Early Bird Live Feed Discount

Remember back to the days before Jeff and Jordan weren’t household names? Remember what life was like before you’d ever heard the name Evel Dick? Yeah, neither do I… But that’s where we stand.. On the precipice of a whole new Big Brother generation… a NON-Rachel generation. (Been a while since THAT’s happened in the BB world, hasn’t it?)


Now– just for a second, I want us all to remember WAAAYYY back to the beginning..to the reason Big Brother was created in the first place. It was…and continues to be… a psychological experiment. Sure, we now have pretty people scampering about in bikinis and (God help us) Speedos, crawling through honey or hanging onto walls. But when you boil it down to its essence, Big Brother is about ONE thing.. What will you do for a half-million dollars? Will you lie, cheat, sell out your ‘best friend?’  Will you say “integrity-shminegrity” it’s just a freaking game? Or, will you be a bright shining example of ‘good guys can finish first?’

Tomorrow, July 12th at 9/8 Central, Will Rainbows and Unicorns fly out of a new BB14 Hero’s butt? Or will a new, dastardly Villain be born?

OK–Gonna talk one more time about the LIVE FEEDS and the Early Bird Special.. If you’re still trying to make the decision  to fork over the $29.99 for the feeds..Let me tell you why you should SIGN UP HERE with Bigbigbrother.com.

A) You can’t feed your family ONE greasy, limp meal at a fast-food restaurant for that price. And we’re talking about the ENTIRE Season…TWO plus MONTHS of premium, 4-camera angle ALL Access to the BB14 house, PLUS all the BB recap shows and Behind the Scenes analysis.
B) Do you call yourself a TRUE Big Brother Fan? Cause only you–the LIVE FEEDER knows.. REALLY grasps what’s happening to the Hamsters in that house. Only we–who watch every snipe, every ugly look behind someone’s back, every secret whispered alliance in the storage room–know the real scoop.
C) Only you–the LIVE FEED fan–have the advantage of Flashback.. The ability to come home after a hard day’s work and rewind the lives of sixteen people to get to the juicy stuff.
D) Only you–can sneak out for a break and watch a big hair-pulling fight for FREE on your mobile device!
E) Only you–with your head held high in derision, can debunk your network-watching-only co-workers’ delusions about the show,  or who they think is going to win what competition.  You get to raise one eyebrow and go-“Nanny-nanny-booboo, I already know and I’m not telling!” Guaranteed, you’ll be the belle of the break-room ball. 
F) And the BEST THING– Only you–Get to watch the Endurance Comps play out in REAL time!!

With this new ‘Mentor’ twist, I believe we’re going to see this season get off to a banging start! No two-three weeks of namby-pamby, you’re my BFF, loving friendship before the ugly comes out.. Nope. I believe–like this video with Evil Dick will attest–That we are going to hit the ground running this year.. Oh, and PS- how long do you think it’ll be before Janelle puts the smack-down on Britney? 

(Warning…there is some “language” in the video. Uh… they don’t call him Evel for nothing.)

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