As you can imagine, with the trio left in the Big Brother 2011 house, there’s not a whole hell of a lot to report. Do me a favor.. Just for a second, close your eyes and imagine how different it would be if our Final Three was say… Jeff, Dani and Brendon.

OK- You can open them. *sigh* Back to reality, and I don’t think I have to tell you that there’s a decided lack of sparkling intellectual conversation to report. (I know.. shocker.)

Still, even though it looks like our Final two is a lock, Adam had to give it the old college try.. which he did yesterday at FLASHBACK 11:21am BBT.

Adam explained to Porshe that if she takes him, he will get up and tell the Jury to vote for her.  And if she doesn’t take him……well, then, he’s the deciding vote, isn’t he?? And he wouldn’t be super inclined to help her out.

Later, at FLASHBACK 12:24pm BBT, Porshe told Rachel about the conversation, embellishing it some, and explaining how Adam ‘threatened her’ and how she doesn’t wanna be around him any more.

Rachel blew it off, but she has to be thinking..hmm.. What IS my best option here, were I to win the final comp? She claims she’ll take Porshe, but the truth is, she has to know she has a better shot against Adam. I guess we’ll find that out on Finale night..

In other news, Porshe told Rachel last night at FLASHBACK 11:30pm BBT— that Janelle had nothing to do with her getting on the show. That she only gave her “productions” phone number, but she had to try out all by her little old self.

This, of course, is in stark contrast to her flippant bragging about Janelle’s hook-up, earlier in the season.

Do you think Rachel should take Adam or Porshe if she wins?

Will Porshe stick to her deal and take Rachel?

Will Adam succeed in getting inside Porshe’s  marshmallow and bedazzler brain?

Tune in later for…..As the Big Brother 2011 Turns…

AND DON’T FORGET…. With almost 20,000 votes, this poll is moving right along, so let us know who got your vote for America’s Choice. Looks like it’s a close call between Jeff and Jordan. I just wonder, with folks splitting their votes between them, if Daniele won’t sneak in and scoop this up…


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