What would be your Big Brother 13 Strategy?
One thing you always see right at the beginning of each season, is a Diary Room snip of each of the HG’s talking about their “strategy.” My favorites are always the ones who’ve actually
A.) WATCHED the show before. How much does it burn your toast to see a bunch of HG’s who’ve never even SEEN Big Brother before?

B.) Have a plan to get to the end. Whether it’s watching and waiting, while feeling out the right kind of alliance. Or being good at cooking and cleaning, and playing sweet/sweet. Or even becoming the house bad guy.

These are the Big Brother HG’s I really root for right at the beginning…. Until…
That strategy goes right out the window and they decide to forge an alliance the second freakin’ day.


What would be your primary strategy if you made it in the Big Brother 2011 House?

And whose strategy have you most admired over the seasons?

And for all you fans that mostly watch for the eye candy–and even for those of us who don’t mind it when there’s a pretty face as long as there’s a brain underneath–
Here’s a couple of polls:

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