Hey ya’ll!


The very first bit of news to leak about the new BIG BROTHER 2010 Season has hit and it is a doozy,  my friends!

According to the mouth of the lovely Ms. Chen (and everyone knows that new moms never lie), we will have us a TRUE-BLUE SCOUNDREL in the BB house this year.  There will be a SABOTEUR working evil Hoodoo on our poor, little, unsuspecting HG’s of Big Brother 2010.

Speaking of the Lovely Ms. Chen- here she is at the NEW ENTRANCE!

Pretty colors!

From what we understand, they cannot win the game, and so their goal will be strictly to throw a  monkey wrench into the machinery of the house.

It is not clear to whom (if anyone) he or she will answer.   It could be us! PLEASE let it be us!  It could be the producers, or.. if they have discovered a truly devious mind with which to wreak havoc on the house, they may let them have their head, and do whatever they wish.

OOOOH! IT is really exciting!  What do you guys think about the situation?  Whose bidding  will this Rogue do, and what kind of evil schemes will he or-(fingers crossed)-she-come up with?

Stay tuned for the most up to date, exciting news.

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BTW–  According to TVGUIDE  we will have 14 HG’s this year! Is that number too hard, too soft, or JUST right?


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