I hope there are a lot of fire extinguishers in the Big Brother 14 house. If not– there’s gonna be trouble if the old folk-saying  “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” turns out to be true.

This is nothing new in the game. Almost everyone lies at one time or another. But what separates a great game lie with a stupid game lie are two things.

1.)  A great game lie is always about the game. {“Of course I’ll vote for you.”  “Absolutely he’ll use the POV on you.”} Dan is a master at this.

2.)  A great game lie is never personal. {“So and so said you were fat.”  “This one or that one has an STD.”}

You MUST have the first in the game–it’s a rare BB winner who makes it through without lying once. It’s been done–but it’s extremely rare. But the second one is just never okay.  I mean, okay sure…It makes for great TV–so don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful when it happens. And even more grateful when the liar is caught out.. But inside the house it rarely helps anyone’s game and the generator of the lie always gets caught out.

This is what’s happening with Janelle. People (including her own team) are discovering how vicious she’s become this season. How driven to win…How driven to beat, humiliate, and smash Will-Boogie into the dirt. It’s a pretty strong motivation.

This Thursday the game will change in such a monumental way—it might as well be week one.  The coaches already pretty much know they’re entering the game. Apparently the DR has thrown down enough hints to make the coaches squirmy.

So stay close to those feeds, guys– and If you don’t have them sign up here. Cause the truth is– things are still slighly up in the air for the two nominees.

It’s looking grim for Frank. Though most like him better than the butt-kissing, big-mouth Joe, he’s obviously a bigger threat. Frank’s courting Wil’s vote. And Wil has become so disgusted with his coach I think he’s definitely thinking it over..

Meaning which—as of right now–though it’s slim–Frank still has a shot, as he and Boogie continue their quest for votes.


***The Danielle obsession/delusion meter has risen to level 8 as Danielle flips out over Shane spending time with Ashley. It’s getting dangerously close to a Matt/Natalie level now, it’s just that Shane is a gentleman to ever take it past the PG level.

STAY TUNED as we follow Boogie and Janelle circle each other, throwing out jabs and fighting for votes. SIGN UP HERE for the LIVE FEEDS if you want to see the REAL story!! 


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