Tonight is the Big Brother 2010 Week 3 Live Show!
It is not the biggest eviction we will see. I don’t think there are very many people out there who think that either Andrew or Kathy are big losses to the game.
I am feeling really sorry for Andrew. And more and more, I believe that Brendan and Andrew are brothers, cousins…something.
Last night on the Superpass 24/7 LIVE FEEDS- (if you haven’t signed up- now is the time! Live Show Nights are the BEST time to sign up!)-
Last night, Andrew was in the Have Not Room having a breakdown, crying. Brendan came in to comfort him, and Brendan left and came back with his POV. He gave it to Andrew, insisting that he take it and bury it in his suitcase to take home.
Brendan keeps pushing and pushing to keep Andrew. The rest of the house, including Rachel is fighting him, telling him that it is dangerous for him to keep trying to save Andrew.
Andrew has promised to “out” a couple on his speech tonight. That will be Kristin and Hayden, who he sleeps in the same room, where they slip into bed together every night.
Anyone who still thinks that Kristin and Hayden are brother and sister must not have the LIVE FEEDS- because they “do things” to each other in bed every night that no brother and sister should EVER do!!

The big news tonight, will be the new HOH!
Who will win??

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