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Matt, Ragan, Britney are have not’s selected by Brendan.

LIVE FEEDS ARE GOING TO ROCK tonight as all the HG’s go scrambling for cover. Enzo is angry that he and Hayden wanted to tell Brendan they were evicting Rachel and Lane stopped them because that is what Brit wanted.

the three have-nots

Enzo angry

Quake in your boots, Britney and Ragan!!! That slop be tasting sweet!

Brendan ahead

Sign up below for those LIVE FEEDS, guys!! Looks like we are in for another endurance comp!! This one is SURE to be a long one!! Hayden has on a microphone belt, a sure sign of an endurance comp!!

First of all- from some of the comments that I am seeing, it is obvious that some of you only watch the CBS Show, and while it is the flagship of all the BB options, it very, VERY rarely shows us the truth of what is really going on in the Big Brother 2010 house. If you want the real, honest truth of what is happening, the ONLY way is to get your FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS- it is a MAJOR eye opener! I fully believe you will be shocked!

Hubby and I watched the show last night, and waited with futility for them to show the real story of “bullying” that is going on there. But, no… We only saw Rachel and Brendan acting like ridiculous babies at the competition.

Yes.. I agree that their behaviour at the competition was abominable. They both acted like petulant children. No doubt about that. They have played a terrible social game. But what they didn’t show you is the horrific, soul-destroying way in which they had both been treated up to that point.

For a short (very short) time, I had decided to root for Britney and/or Ragan to win. I was disgusted with “The Brigade” and their lack of effort in coasting through to F4. I believe that is an inevitability now, and I am ok with it, because, at least they are not acting like the little demons that Ragan and Britney are acting. Last night, on the LIVE FEEDS- Britney put on her nightly BB- talk show- “Just the Tip” The highlight of that “show” was Britney’s recounting of coming into the

bathroom after Rachel and finding “skidmarks” on the toilet. (seriously).

In all the years I have spent watching this show, I have seen people acting like turd. Yep, turds. We saw Natalie being the biggest snake ever, last year. We watched Evil Dick rile people up (of course that was to save his daughter) and we cheered.

But NEVER have we heard the type of INCESSANT personal, nasty, horrific bombardment that we have seen Britney and Ragan lodge against Rachel and Brendan. These two spent two hours talking about Rachel’s female parts! For all you CBS only watchers-they didn’t show that on primetime, did they?

Brendan and Rachel do not deserve to win. That is plain. Anyone who is that horrible at the social part of the game does not. However, neither do they deserve the sick slander that has been going on for the last week. It literally makes me ill.

If you do not believe me. Please, I beg you, Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS and see what your Britney is REALLY up to all day long. I believe the girl is a bit obsessive. She NEVER stops, and you can see that the guys in the Brigade are finally getting a little sick of it all, and will target her soon. At least the Brigade spends their time working out plans and scenarios and not talking about Rachel’s va-ja-jay all day long.

Oh-IF- Brendan wins HOH tonight,Brit and Ragan are rallying everyone to NOT clap, and have no one go to his HOH room. that is just ugly.

The other news, is that the Sabo gave another message yesterday. Yet another cruel joke targeting Rachel and Brendan. His message was that one of the HG’s has voted a secret power and that Love will Conquer all. This of course has given Rachel and Brendan false (?) hope. Also, the plan is still on to act as if they are going to evict Brendan and then blindside both of them by evicting Rachel. Enzo (kindly) plans to tell Brendan at the last minute.

I know this sounds kind of preachy, and a lot of you think that Brendan and Rachel deserve all they get. I get that. But what I see, is two people who have very little people skills and don’t know how to hold their emotions… In all honesty, I will be glad when they are both gone, in the same way I am glad when the water buffalo finally dies after being attacked by a pride of lions. That time period where the lions are eating it, and it is still kicking and struggling. That is Rachel and Brendan right now..

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