Tonight we have another Live Eviction in Big Brother 2010.

UPDATE: HG’s are dressed for the Live Show. What they are wearing is usually a clue as to what kind of comp BB has told them to be prepared for. Looks like a possible endurance comp to me??

UPDATE: Forgot to ask you guys, what you thought about the “Singing Clam-Otev”.  I say…”  “I know OTEV. And YOU, Sir, –are no OTEV!”

Hated it…. OTEV is a touchstone of Big Brother. He is a totem pole, and far worthier HG’s than these  have knelt before him.  We look forward to him every year.  And they bring on this glammed up clam, and call HIM OTEV?????.. No sir.. not on my watch you don’t!!

And I have made a momentous decision. I have had a really hard time picking anyone to “root” for, in this ho-hum Final five. I know that a lot of you feel the same, so if you want to go along with me… I say we play it this way.. We let FATE decide….

Whomever wins HOH tonight, is who I am going to hope wins the whole thing. Taking this blah decision out of my hands entirely.

Let’s put this in the hands of the BB gods. The next HOH will be my hero (or- ick…heroine)..

Once again, nothing much of note happened in the house. On the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS- still only 9.99 with the $10.. of free MP3 downloads-so that you can witness the inevitable final endurance comp and final 3 comps..

We heard Lane’s decision last night. He plans to break with his Brigade brothers, because he bought what Brit was selling about winning if he takes her to F2- DUH!! Do these people KNOW this game? Most of the time..Nay..nearly ALL the time, in the end, the jury will vote for the best competitor! And in a F2 between Brit and Lane, that is Britney. And she knows this.. Smart gameplay on her part.

Apparently the DR told the HG’s that this season had the best ratings ever. So they got all amped up about how awesome they are, and what superstars they are going to be. They regret how sad it is that they will not be able to go out anywhere anymore without being mobbed with fans.  (sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little).

Ragan got schmammered last night on 2 bottles of wine and several beers and gave his final soliloquy in the hammock. Did you guys happen to notice the little hypocritical throwing of the disc when Ragan lost the comp last night? Do you also remember Ragan calling Brendan a “sore loser” and a bully over and over for doing the very same thing- even though he did it on purpose to try to save Rachel and get himself evicted ?  Hmmm… Reap..Sow.. Anyone??

So…what will it be faithful followers?  Will you take this on faith? Will we let fate decide. The dear hubby (DH) just came up and totally disagreed with my plan. He says he can’t go along with me, because he doesn’t care who WINS, he just cares who DOESN’T win- Britney. Anyone else is cool with him. I believe that Enzo and Hayden agree with the DH. Their goal is to get the blonde out.

I hope, hope, hope tonight’s HOH is one where they have to fill something with liquid. You know the one. Last year they had to run on a slippery plastic bowling-type lane, and fill the bowl up with a coffee cup. Remember?

What do you guys think?

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