Dogs were the theme of the day in the Big Brother 2011 house. Both hot and the female variety.

A sense of false hilarity infused the house today, with the HG’s hanging out together in the Backyard, chilling and laughing. But underneath the surface, like a slimy deep-sea creature, lurked unease and paranoia.

After a day of eating, (mostly Kalia and Porshe) and sunning, the HG’s put on the first annual Big Brother 2011 hot-dog eating contest.  Adam smoked Brendon in the comp–even finishing it off with a raw egg. As the cries of the “Cruddy, Cruddy” filled the house, Rachel screamed for “her man.”  FLASHBACK 9:30pm BBT.

Her man..well, that may be true, but a little while later.. Rachel opened and stole some of Porshe’s beer and Brendon went off on her, (in a very violent fashion) after she told him she didn’t care what Porshe said.  FLASHBACK  10:35pm BBT. This stems from a conversation Rachel had with Porshe-where she campaigned for Brendon, and Porshe told her she would not vote to keep Brendon. After which, Rachel decided she despised her ex-BFF.

Jeff and Jordan are skating on a very thin ice of paranoia. Shelly’s new friendships with Porshe and Dani are making them extremely nervous.. They haven’t talked to Daniele yet..which might decide things for them, once she tells them how Brenchel threw them under the bus. But they are concerned with how shady everyone is acting all of a sudden, as the BFF’s seem to be shifting. FLASHBACK 2:40am BBT.

A tipsy Dani got teary-eyed last night, talking to Shelly. She actually admitted she was playing this game to prove herself as an individual, to get out of her father’s shadow. Dani claimed to Shelly she’s tried everything she can to Jeff and Jordan she’s not coming after them-but they won’t really talk to her. This, after she told Kalia and Porshe that Jeff had to go next AND while she told Rachel that she’d try to change Kalia and/or Porshe’s vote to keep Brendon AND at the same time she’s telling everyone else she wants Brendon out.

THEN Dani came outside and met with JeJo alone.. The three of the had a real talk-for the first time in weeks. Dani FINALLY came out and told JeJo about Brenchel’s backstabbing, though it didn’t surprise them. This is an awesome FLASHBACK at 3:32am BBT. It ended with them promising to have peace between them for now.

Whew! My nerves were frazzled by the end.

Sign up here for the live feeds, and check out the highlight on the Flashback (like a DVR) Feature.  At this point, no one knows what anyone will do..

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