War won out in the Big Brother 2010 house yesterday and last night.

We had some awesome confrontations yesterday on the LIVE FEEDS! Sign up and use Flashback Feature to 8/7 @ 3:15 BBT.

OMG!  Almost forgot to tell you guys the BIG NEWS!  Everyone’s favorite BB real-life couple, Jeff and Jordan were in the house yesterday, to visit and host the POV comp.  All the HG’s were gushing over getting to see them talking about how great they are.  Another element to add to the Rachel-bashing game, is that several of the HG’s are going on and on about how obvious it was the Jordan didn’t care for Rachel.

J and J in the house!!

[Sigh]- I had forgotten what classy people Jeff and Jordan are- Here is a video of Jeff’s Show- Around the World for Free. The HG’s this season suffer badly by comparison.. I miss them.. 🙁

After the POV Comp, (which Britney won-thereby sealing Rachel’s fate) tempers were flaring. Rachel was offended by Kathy celebrating her win over Rachel. We will not see how it actually went down until Tuesday, but something Kathy said got Rachel’s back up.  She went after Kathy in the kitchen, asking her to apologize for celebrating so hard, and hurting her feelings. Kathy refused to say she was sorry. She said “I am not going to apologize for winning.” And the shouting and screaming commenced.  Kathy fled the room, and Rachel chased her and they kept going until Brit came down from the HOH room where she had been witnessing the whole event and corralled Kathy up to the HOH room.  Shortly after that, Lane went after Brendan for talking about him behind his back, saying that Lane was throwing comps. (This is about Lane coming down so quickly on both the endurance comps- this is a legitimate argument for ALL the HG’s- the wimps!)


Hayden tried to explain to Rachel why Kathy would celebrate her first win, and tried to smooth everything over.

Then, of course, the rest of the night was spent in everyone’s favorite pastime, Brenchel bashing, and Rachel crying-while Brendan tries to soothe her.

Rachel went to Brit to try to ask her to use the POV on her-even offering her the 5 grand she won during the last POV comp. Britney wisely told her that she would not do it, as it would turn the house against her, and ruin her game. She was actually very nice to Rachel, telling her that even if she did, and someone else went up, that Rachel would still go home. She advised her to just try to enjoy her time here, and act dignified.

Rachel actually seems to be resigned to the fact that she is going. She told Brendan that there is no more need to fight, and that what she would do now, is to educate him for the next few days, on game strategy and information. Rachel is irritating, to be sure, but she knows this game-she is very good on quizzes. She told him to trust Hayden and Enzo, since they have offered him an alliance. “Stick with Hayden and Enzo.” The problem is-that is a fake alliance which these two are going to use for protection should Brendan win HOH, and then use to humiliate him.

LIVE FEEDS Flashback 8/7 1:00am BBT. If you do not have the LIVE FEEDS- and have never used the FLASHBACK feature, you are missing out! It is SOO cool to be able to just re-wind to see the best parts..

I can’t stand Brendan and Rachel-they are two of the most self-centered people we have ever seen on the show, but jeez-louise, they are at least entertaining! Maybe, MAYBE once Rachel is gone, Brendan will quit whining like a bioytch, and play the game…

UPDATE on our Saboteur- Ragan……..

Nothing..  There has been no shenanigans yet.. STAY TUNED!

Brendan seemed a lot more interested in getting a massage, and eating candy that listening to her, which annoyed Rach.

Meanwhile, lets see what the other HG’s are up to all day?  Oh.. hmmm… interesting… they are bashing Rachel and Brendan. That is something new….Not…Most of their talk seems to center on Brendan’s toe- yes, you heard me right.  His toe–

The thing is, I don’t know what in the hades these people are going to talk about when Rachel is gone??  All we can hope for, is that they turn on each other.

Warning- ADULT!! Rachel can’t seem to keep those things contained!

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