***NEW UPDATES at the bottom: POV results at end!

***Live Feed Updates..

Things are moving quickly in the Big Brother 2010 House.

After the show last night, we waited patiently for the Superpass Live Feeds to go live. OOO! You Gotta see what is happening.. What do you think so far???

What a difference a day makes. (Or three- but who is counting, right?)

The lovey-dovey atmosphere changed pretty quickly. It looks as if lines have already been drawn and some people are getting closer than others.

After only three DAYS??? hmmm..


According to what happened on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it looks as if Hayden, the HOH has nominated Brendan and Rachel for eviction. Now, not sure why, yet. Must be that laugh of Rachel’s was getting on everyone’s nerves and her boobs couldn’t save her from nomination. Brendan is a physical threat and was acting VERY suspiciously during the “Dark” episode last night.

The other Big News, is the that two nominees will not be campaigning against each other because they are too busy making out! Things were getting hot and heavy under the covers as I am writing this..

They have played the Have or Have Not and exposed the room.

First Look- HaveNot Room

Couple of other things stood out to me.

1.) Most of the HG’s think Andrew is creepy. He stuck his head under a blanket to see Annie’s panties and made a lewd remark.

2.) The Have/Have Not Comp involved Caramel, and Kathy is all bruised up. She looks like she got a beat down.

3.) Rachel “dissed” Monet at the VETO comp pick. When Rachel drew Monet’s name- Rachel made a disgusted face, and hurt Monet’s feelings..

Shout out to Britney in her Arkansas Razorback “HOGS” shirt! GO HOGS!

The poor lambs are asleep after a busy night.

I’ll be updating all day.. STay tuned, and guys… Dadgum! YOU ARE MISSING IT,  IF you don’t have the feeds…… Sign up here!

Bye, ya’ll!

***UPDATE:  They are up! Brendan is scrambling. Haggling with Hayden to use POV on him if he wins it. Bad feelings brewing quickly, with Brendan telling Rachel that the only reason Hayden nominated him because “I am good looking”, and he (Hay) is threatened by him (Bren) because he a competition for “the ladies”.. Hayden thinking of putting up a pawn against either Brendan or Rachel if one of them comes off the block. They think the POV will be today.

***Annie was selected as the announcer for the POV contest. Enzo, Hayden, Rachel, Brenden, Monet, and Andrew are the participants.

***OMG! Rachel claims she will take Brenden off the block if she wins POV! That is a truly bonehead move. No one since Marcellas has done that.  She is definitely not thinking with her brain.. (the boobs may take too much of the blood supply?)

****FEEDS  have been out a while. Maybe playing POV??! Stay tuned…Now Trivia.. POV being played for sure.  Can’t wait for the LIVE FEEDS to come back, and find out who won!

3:42 Central- FEEDS back- POV over- they had to spell words, slide down something, hit a buzzer- and mayonnaise was involved..  *** Brendan WON POV!!

**Live Feed Update-  For the last few hours, people have been feverishly throwing people’s name around to Hayden for replacement nominees for Brendan, who will undoubtedly take himself down.

Brendan is pushing hard to keep Rachel, his “Showmance” partner.  Hayden seems to be leaning toward putting up Kathy as a pawn, therefore leaving it up to the house to decide to send Rachel home. He is worried about Bren coming after him next week.

Britney, Enzo, Monet are pushing Annie- BIG TIME. They claim that she is playing like Ronnie (season 11) and/or Brian (season 10). Too hard, too fast. Annie HAS been running from one group to another, but i haven’t seen her making any deals, really. Though, she may be spreading herself a little thin.

Annie cooking dinner. Andrew fixing his own

Britney almost seems a little obsessed with getting Annie…IMO. Also, I never hear her say anything positive about anyone.

Brit spies on Annie

using the spy screen

There is still a lot of Andrew bashing going on. Yes, he is a weird dude, but i am starting to feel sorry for him..

Now downstairs being (fake) buddy-buddy. Ah.. Big Brother.. we missed u!

People’s heads are spinning, things are changing so fast and furiously.  What will tomorrow bring, on the Live feeds??  Sign up here, and discuss it with us!

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