The Big Brother 2010 house was fairly quiet last night, as most everyone spent the night running from Kristin. It is obvious now that she has chosen to leave love behind, and fight for herself against her sweetheart, Hayden.  She also (finally) took off that ridiculous wig and hippietard, and got cleaned up, before replacing it with her spare.

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The big news is that tonight, on the show, we will find out who America chose to be the next America’s Player.  Will they accept?  (PLEASE let it be Britney!)

I believe we still have a catfight boiling up, that should come to a full boil before eviction. Rachel was incensed to learn that, while she was napping, Kristin sneaked upstairs to try to talk “her man” into keeping her (Kris). Kr told Br that Rachel would not be there forever and he would need someone in the game. Woowee! That got Rachel’s back up, and Brendan had to talk her down.. (dang!) But, she has not forgotten it, and I see a confrontation between the two of them coming very soon.. (Get those feeds, guys!)
There is also a game going on, where the brigade, plus Britney, tries to trap one another with Brendan when he begins telling one of his long-winded stories.
On a personal note, I don’t mind it when Brendan starts talking about more global, intellectual things. He spoke about politics, schools, etc.. It is when he tells the stories about himself over and over that it gets tedious.

Kristin is repeating herself over, over and over to each person in the house, about how much this sucks, and how she deserves to be there. Hayden is a little shocked at how hard Kristin is campaigning to stay.
Hayden is not really campaigning, but has asked for votes that he is not sure of.
Kristin has deluded herself into believing that she has at least three votes..Kathy, Britney and Lane. Ragan is the only one who told her the truth- that she will have only one, most likely. That pi$$ed her off, and now she doesn’t want to talk to him any more.

It is really bugging me, how naive Brenchel (or- Radon, as my friend Matt calls them on His theory is that Rachel always puts herself first, and overpowers him, like Radon gas). I can’t believe that this couple truly doesn’t get how much everyone is going after them. If you listen to them, they talk about how this person is not after them, and that person is on their side.. WOW! Uh… sugar-butt.. EVERYONE is after you.

My theory on Brendan and Rachel is this.. (and gotta give a shout out to Hubby on this theory), Brendan was a science nerd, and has only recently come into his good looks. Before this show, he only dated regular girls, and this is the first time he has had anyone like Rachel. Therefore, she has put the hoodoo on him with her giant boobs, and he will do anything and everything she wants.
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One more thing. Do any of you our there have any theories on what in the heck the deal is with Kathy?? She is still going around, just mad as can be because Kristin is on the block. If she had any idea how hard Kristin and Hayden campaigned for her to go up.. Is she really that dumb? Could it be possible??

Where is your head, woman?

For all you voyeurs out there.. Yep, Rachel and Brendan did the nasty again last night, although it sure didn’t last long this time.. For shame.. lol..

uh.. 5 minutes later..

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