Just a quickee this morning guys– but wanted to inform you of a few more of the Big Brother 14 How Bad Do You Want It’ consequences.

Most of them won’t have any significance, game-wise.  The only BIG one– the one that may very well change everything…

FRANK gave up his right to play in the next two HOH’s! This is big for the rest of the house, but since he was going to miss the next one anyway–it’s actually only ONE he will miss. Still,  Frank will HAVE to win out on POV’s to make it to F3. There is simply no other alternative. NO ONE is going to want to go up against him in the end. Frank was disqualified during the comp for answering out loud during Brit’s question. If it hadn’t been accidental, you can bet the house would’ve been up in arms. But even Dan told Ian he knew it was an accident.

In other news– we the girls took a shower up in HOH last night– (ok, you dudes out there, I can hear the wheels in your head spinning… Put your tongue back in your mouth.)  The camera–with unusual discretion– never gave us a clear view, so I can’t share pics with you. Though while they were up there, the guys had a quite lively hot-tub discussion about why the shower was taking so long… *tee hee*

Here’s a list I borrowed from Joker’s running down all the punishments and how the comp went:

BB Art Gallery. It was where you buzzed in and guess what the picture was. You didn’t know what the punishment was, but if you refused you were eliminated from the game.

Punishments:Frank got Avocado Bath….2 pts.
Dan: eat nasty stuff….6 pts.
Jenn had to burn her clothes that she was wearing…4 pts
Britney : Choose a HG to be shackled to for 24 hrs…didn’t say
Frank: Chum shower…7 pts
Frank:Carrot Suit for a week ….3 PTS
Dani…Throw paint at her for 2 minutes. 6 pts.
Frank: Out next 2 HOH’s…10 pts
Dan: Solitary confinement….8 pts
Jenn: Slop for the rest of the game…12 pts.

Jenn wins VETO


Well, The FEEDS are going to be Funny today- with Carrot Suits, Shackle-Issues and Chum-Baths. But the REAL entertainment starts when Dan gets out of Solitary–and begins going to work, throwing his Dan-Jedi-mind-moves on Jenn and Ian.  Will it work out for the previous winner??? Doubtful. And though it’s very likely we’ll see Dan leave the house this week….He ain’t got that WINNER of BB10 belt for nada… Dan is good.  And it’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun to watch him try!

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